10 things we'd do with a real gravity gun writes: "The gravity gun is a godsend to Gordon Freeman throughout the Orange Box. As adept at creating impromptu platforms, bridges and makeshift shields out of whatever's laying around City 17 as it is at blowing bits off headcrabs; it's perhaps the most intuitive and visceral gun in games.

So just imagine how amazing having one in real life would be. Solving complex physics puzzles. Helping kids get their balloons and cats down from trees. And just basking in the technological and scientific boundaries mankind had broken for such a device to exist. Actually, sod all of that. With a real gravity gun pitted in our petulant palms we'd get up to the following acts of laziness, deviancy and homicide."

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Mr_Bun3629d ago

This list would have been more useful around the launch of the orange box.

SeanScythe3629d ago

Lifting the top off of sun tanners at the beach!