New Xbox One Dashboard Update Seemingly Makes It Faster

Xbox One users can get an early insider look at the latest firmware updates. One of the most recent alpha updates has reportedly fixed the dashboard.

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GamerzElite485d ago

Its same like PS dashboard...

Chevalier485d ago

I honestly thought it was a joke when you said that till I saw the video. Just wow..... it's a pretty complete ripoff.

porkChop485d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a rip-off. A lot of modern UIs use this kind of style. Smart TVs, streaming services, etc. It looks good on a TV and it works well with controllers and TV remotes.

Mopedgames485d ago

No, it's a rip off, look at the original live tile UI they had and look at the progression. After around 2016 every single update to the xbox dashboard has been to remove the tiles and minimalize the look, and make navigation simply right and left and up and down controls. It's been a constant moves to copy Sony's UI.

And yes, it works well and looks good on a TV, that is why Microsoft is copying it and discarding their own live tile based UI.

And Sony has been doing it since before Smart TV's and streaming devices were a thing on the PS3.

blackdream485d ago

Not a rip off at all it’s actually faster and better design

NarutoFox485d ago

Well sometimes you got to learn from the best.

AngelicIceDiamond485d ago

This late in the gen who cares? PS "copied" MS with the option of downloading games through PS Now. I say again, who cares? MS copied Sony's free games every month, cool who cares. Sony's trophy system is inspired by MS Achievements, yep again who cares. How bout we talk about more important matters.

xRacer74x485d ago

@kellyanne85, that cause Sony hardly updates their stuff Microsoft constantly is trying to improve their OS.

someone72484d ago

Its nothing like the ps dashboard. If anything, its a windows 8/10 look.

If they did go ps style, id be annoyed. I hate the ps dashboard. Slow, ugly, hard to navigate, and just plain boring, even with themes.

rainslacker484d ago


Except the whole structure is almost exactly like Sony's. Maybe more full screen for some of the library gallery views, but still the same XMB style, the same drop down styles, the same side menu popup for things with options. Similar features for news and what not. About the only thing it lacks is the top row menu that Sony added into the PS4...or maybe it's there and it wasn't shown.

You are right that a lot of things use this XMB style, but sony was one of the first to make it mainstream....although I'm sure not the first to have such an interface.

I don't mind that MS is using the style, but I kind of have to laugh at all the Xbox fans who for so long said it was a bad design and antiquated compared to the somehow superior Xbox dashboard which always seemed to need to be changed with an update every 2-3 years.

RacerX484d ago

If we are calling this a ripoff, would it be fair to say that PS ripped off online gaming and PS now from MS? .... Just sayin'.....

IRetrouk484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Racer what are you talking about? The ps2 was playable online before the xbox live services even launched lol by over a year, then you have ps now... a service available from the ps3 gen...what's it copying again?

DerfDerf484d ago

Complete ripoff? It is essentially the same UI it has been only with the 4 boxes in the lower left added for the store, library etc....

TargusX484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

So what. Like [email protected] never ripped anything off!

Master of Unlocking484d ago

Care to give a link to that vid? I've always wondered what the Xbox One dashboard looks like but have never found a youtuber to show it in details.

Unspoken484d ago

Funnily enough, MS were the first to make the modern UI mainstream. Guess the best is following itself.

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darthv72485d ago

I'm in the insider program and this update is better than the regular.

485d ago
darthv72485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Actually, I'm saying that because it's true. Even on my day one fat xbo the new dash is snappier than my sons xbo s with the existing dash.

And the PS4 dash is nothing like the XMB of the PS3. The only similarity is you still move left/right, up/down which even the 360 offers. hell even the old blades of the 360 let you do the same thing.

RacerX484d ago

@kellyanne85, are you suggesting that if something is good, it should never be changed or improved? Does it really mean something to you, deep down inside, that Sony had a UI from "day 1" that didn't need tk change? Does it rock you to sleep at night?

DerfDerf484d ago

They chance it because they like to mix things up. They understand people get bored. They revamped the 360 one a ton and they are doing the same with the x1. People get bored. It's a way to make something old seem new. Been happening for generations in all kinds of products.

XtaZ484d ago


The Xbox One UI has been miles better than the PS4 UI ever since it's first major update in 2014 and yet they still support it and make it better because they can and wants to. The PS4UI is obviously worse than Xbone UI and Sony rarely change or add anything to it simply because they are so damn lazy.

Unspoken484d ago

If the PlayStation UI has not changed then that is really sad. UI was a pain to drill down into.

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porkChop485d ago

Yeah, it's really similar. It does look a bit faster or more responsive though.

That's the one complaint I have with the PS4 UI is that it's become so slow in the last year or two. My hard drive isn't full, I've tried recompiling the database, etc. Hasn't helped.

It's been slow ever since the UI update where they changed the notifications and everything. Other than that I love the UI. It's simple/easy to find what I'm looking for, and it's visually appealing.

Nintendo's using something kind of similar as well, though obviously much more basic from a feature standpoint. This is just a UI style that works well with controllers and looks good on a TV.

mesojovo485d ago

I have no problems with my PS4's UI it's fast. Are you sure it's not just imagined for this article?

porkChop485d ago


No, it isn't just imagined. The UI used to be snappier before that UI update. Are you using a PS4 or PS4 Pro? I've got a launch PS4 with an upgraded 2TB hard drive.

gangsta_red485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

It actually doesn't look like the PS Dashboard, which is crazy.

stevej336485d ago

What do you mean? It has square shapes just like Sony. Be outraged.

CaptainCook485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Xbox 360 UI had squares and shapes though...

gangsta_red484d ago

Square shapes!?! Your'e right! Sony invents everything!

DaDrunkenJester485d ago

Maybe I'm crazy here, but I use both frequently and I don't see the resemblance to the PS Dashboard...

mastaleep485d ago

Yes crazy, but hey you're drunk too so...

DaDrunkenJester485d ago


Well, can't argue with that.

Livingthedream485d ago

I've used both, not the same thing at all.

gangsta_red484d ago


You don't see the similarities? They both have game pics on their home screen. And look at those rows, no one has ever did that except for Sony.

Not to mention words, there's words on that screen, very similar to how there's words on Sony's home screen.

And being able to press a button to start a game...that is totally ripping off Sony.

DaDrunkenJester484d ago


Lol that's what it seems like with these guys comments.

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Atticus_finch485d ago

Wow it's very similar. But can't blame them, PS knows what they're doing.

stormhawk485d ago

They are people who are arguing that it is not similar. They need to consult an eye doctor.

Silly gameAr485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

It is. Anyone that says it isn''t is in huge denial.

gangsta_red484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

...or those that say it is are reaching for the stars.

SixEye484d ago

Ya, You wish it was the same lol

Christopher484d ago

I'm not angry with the similarities, and others shouldn't be either if they prefer the Sony UI. Copying a good thing means not sticking with worse just to spite yourself and your consumers.

That UI speed is hawt, though.

KillBill484d ago

Uhhmm... the dashboard itself basically looks the same as it ever has on Xbox One... this appears to just be faster.

SyntheticForm484d ago

The PS4 UI is zippy, minimalist, and elegant. Going from one side of the tile bar to the other is like running your hand across a row of piano keys.

It's very no-nonsense in operation and things don't feel buried. Everything can be accessed fast and I find it to be much less cumbersome than the Xbox's dashboard. Dynamic themes are a sweetener.

I have some affection for this UI and wouldn't mind seeing it carry over to PS5.

484d ago
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ILostMyMind485d ago

I have seen this layout elsewhere. 🤔

CaptainCook485d ago

On Xbox 360 Blade and Xbox One current UI

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bumbleforce485d ago

It always makes it faster for like 3 weeks then slows down again

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