Looking Back to 2004 and Crash Twinsanity

Jacob writes: "Twinsanity’s legacy is a conflicted one. The game maintains a cult following and has relatively high standing among many Crash fans. Some rate it as the best game outside of the Naughty Dog originals. Some even want it remastered, an intriguing possibility considering all that cut content. But many hate it."

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-Foxtrot389d ago

The best brand new Crash Bandicoot after NaughtyDog

It was pretty funny and they made Cortex a great comic relief in the game

KeenBean345388d ago

I think crash of titans is up there as well, I remember it being pretty good but haven't played it in years

AK91388d ago

Crash of the Titans was garbage.

AK91388d ago

I wouldn't mind a remake of this game (like the Nsane Trilogy) especially since it was an unfinished product.