Codemasters Russian Language Localisation

Codemasters have confirmed that, as part of their wider expansion strategy, they were looking to localise languages in certain emerging markets.

Russia, the first on the list, will get full language support for all of Codemasters' 'AAA' games.

IncGamers has more details.

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AndyA3628d ago

Can't wait for Operation Flashpoint 2. Codies have got a lot to live up to.

thetamer3628d ago

I agree. This is one of the best games I played when it was released and fell in love with.

martynmj3628d ago

A lot more game companies are looking to keep russian people happy these days the russian population must be on the up.

Leord3628d ago

I'm just really annoyed with Russian players on my WoW server, and SO happy they are getting their own support. Just because we don't speak the same language (English is a second language for me too), they seem to think they can treat others any way they want.


Dorjan3628d ago

It's about time really.

I want more MMOs to do what Final Fantasy managed to do years ago and have a system where all players, regardless of language could still hold a full conversation and play together without learning a new language.

Maticus3628d ago

Yeah, first WoW Russian servers, now this. Good to see they're coming up in the world :)