Xbox & PlayStation manipulate their marketplaces & customers just like Google, Amazon, and Apple

A new study shows that it’s not just search giants that are controlling what products you see.

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2pacalypsenow724d ago

Wait they had to devote research for this? I thought it was common sense that advertising is what moves product?

AK91722d ago

Look at what site this article is from it should explain everything

rainslacker722d ago

I thought directed marketing was pretty standard practice nowadays. Couple that with paid endorsement, and you get what this is all about. I thought it was pretty obvious that Sony and MS did this, and haven't really seen anyone complain about it beyond the general disdain about ads. What's being done on the consoles isn't to the same extent of Google, Amazon, or Apple, as it's mostly all directed towards gaming, beyond some extra services they have. But Sony and MS aren't directing vacumn cleaner ads towards you because you happen to read some article about vacuums exploding on people. Maybe MS does on Bing, I dunno, but not on Xbox, or their windows store that I've seen.

aaronaton722d ago

Says the website where i have to 'accept cookies' to view their article...hmmm

gamer7804722d ago

yup, but sadly alot of people don't realize what Vox does to influence how they think.

gamer7804722d ago (Edited 722d ago )

well welcome to business 101. Google is probably the worst offender with manipulating search results unrelated to their own products to help influence how you think. It's kinda ironic Vox is writing this, they routinely try to be the thought police.

UltraNova722d ago

Google's entire enterprise model is based on data gathering and manipulation...

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