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"Code Vein is a sexist action RPG about post-apocalyptic vampires that borrows liberally from Dark Souls, while speeding up and complicating its combat in ways that I really like. The plot’s a bit rubbish." RPS says.

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gamer7804666d ago

This author doesn't know what sexist means apparently, scantily clad women or a man wanting to protect a woman isn't sexist...

Chexs1990666d ago

90% of the review: "Bobs and vagene is bad"
10% of the review: "But the game is good, I would recommend if not for the bobs"

The f**k is wrong with this dude

ShockUltraslash666d ago

What a worthless loser that has never seen women before.
Heavens forbid this person ever go outside.
All the women wearing mini skirts and booty shorts would drive this clown insane.

666d ago
CatCouch666d ago

What is with game reviewers having a problem with sex appeal? it's a selling point of the game. There is nothing wrong with games like this. Reviews like this feel really out of touch.

gamer7804666d ago

Almost all gaming media are trying to push an agenda these days. Sure they can have their own opinion but its unfortunate they all want to virtue signal rather than focus on their job, reviewing a game..

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The story is too old to be commented.