October's NPD Numbers May be a Sign of Things to Come

Kombo writes, "Michael Pachter is known for being the Lady Cleo of the video game industry. Every once and a while, he likes to take a look into his crystal ball and make a prediction or two about the status of of the market and demand for games. Well after consulting with the powers of the other side (and the voices in his head), he has concluded that the October NPD hardware numbers may prove to be a solid indication of whether the video games business is recession-proof..."

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i am the truth3632d ago

Not another patcher perdiction again.U know if u know were u can get a job just to predict things then PM me cause im sure i can do the same thing this guy dose.

rroded3632d ago

umm no

seriously does pratcher pay these idiots to write about him dudes just guessing.

ironwolf3632d ago

Employers require spelling skills. Except maybe 7-11, where I'm sure you'll fit right in.

bgrundman3632d ago

This is an interesting view into the development world, that we don't often get.