How Respawn is creating Medal of Honor in VR for the Oculus Rift

Three years ago, Respawn Entertainment began making a new Medal of Honor combat shooter video game set in World War II. Now it is heading to the Rift in VR.

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Profchaos723d ago

In really hope they port this to psvr with aim support

Teflon02723d ago

Damn saw Medal of honor and was hype until i saw it was just a VR title. Still cool though. Just not what I wanted

Dom_Estos723d ago

Yeah, I know. It's actually better than what you wanted.

Teflon02723d ago

No. I actually am a fan of the medal of Honor series. I actually want a normal game again from the series. vr titles are fine. I'd rather they finally got it right again. Airborne was the last one I really liked. Though MoH was really well balanced imo and fun online outside the fact you couldn't sprint strafe without getting like a 5 killstreak I think it was

Asuka723d ago

I just want Titanfall 3...

Ratchet75723d ago

Tell me this is not exclusive to oculus.
Come on respawn, bring this to psvr.