390° 10 Things I Hate About Gears of War 2

Dave Burns of writes "Now although I love Gears of War 2 and have been massively impressed with it I want to take a few minutes away from singing its praises and concentrate on all of those niggly bits that have annoyed me. Only read on if you have completed the campaign mode as this contains spoilers."

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Mr_Bun3630d ago

Bugs are common nowadays with the release of any new title, but I am surprised to hear about lag....isn't it only 5v5? How can there be lag with only 10 people?

acheashadow3630d ago

The lag is very very bad on some hosts - I dont understand why but it is and it sucks hard - the only way to deal with it is just hold down your chainsaw and try and run around - i get about 6 kills per game doing this

acheashadow3630d ago

It doesnt happen in every game at a guess I would say 1 in 5 but thats still too much!

kapedkrusader3629d ago

...Lag can happen on any system, game, or network. Stop the Fanboyism.

Fishy Fingers3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Lag is simple, basically yours, or someone else has a poor connection to the host server. Be that due to distance or whatever is irrelevant. Poor connection speed and you'll get lag.

Now if we could choose our own server we'd be able to pick a game with low ping/latency, this is just another weakness of matchmaking.

My only problem with Gears 2 is matchmaking, it's a shame, terrible delays aside, you cant even specify a game mode, let alone map, player count, latency etc. I understand this is all to help eliminate the host advantage but right now, Id take that and a list of servers over broken matchmaking (Gears 1 set-up).

I know it sounds like thats a massive rant (sorry) and I realise Epic/MS will get it fixed, but when you have the Devs claiming betas aren't needed then this happens its kind of disappointing.

Game = fantastic, Matchmaking = letting a machine do my job poorly.

Tomdc3629d ago

what gaming needs is dedicated servers!

*cough* like resistance *cough*

mercyless93629d ago

the gigantic slow moving fatass Marcus Fenix

ChampIDC3629d ago

Resistance only has dedicated servers because it needs it for 60 people. I'm sure if it also had 10 it wouldn't bother. The system works fine when the host isn't running the internet off of a cereal box. The game just needs to select better hosts.

shovelbum3629d ago

I will add to the MP issues as well. It can take ages to find a match and then your booted back to the lobby to wait all over again. I haven't seen too much lag but I've only played thirty or so online matches do to the long wait times. I've just been playing with brother and nephew over private instead which should not be the case. I really like the story mode but it isn't nearly as epic as promised but it is loads of fun.

Sarcasm3629d ago

Someone's gonna try to chainsaw me for this one (looks at foxgod, he's the new kid on the 360 block)

But the reason there's lag and bugs, IS BECAUSE THERE WAS NO OPEN BETA... lol

Cliffy, that's what betas are for. Finding bugs/glitches before launch.

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pp3629d ago

What Lag i haven't had a problem. Thats the first i've heard of it.

alberto313629d ago

That's shame...a lot, if not the majoraty of your friends bots did it! Poor guys, don't you think?

Kratos Spartan3629d ago

you have to have the game first, and then there's lag, but before all that, you must be in possession of an Xbox 360


IdleLeeSiuLung3629d ago

I didn't finish the game yet and didn't know Dizzy just dissappeared and never showed up. Maybe in the third one.....

acheashadow3629d ago

It clearly says in the intro it contains spoilers

sukru3629d ago

*** Please put the alert in the title! ***
(I started reading, then stopped at the first sign).

Also the parent comment has the spoiler too :) (Can you edit it)

Mwaan3629d ago

The game feels really polished to me. I'm not saying that it doesn't need a patch, but it's in much better shape than I thought it'd be. Gears 1 was a mess on day 1.

acheashadow3629d ago

Actually it was hard trying to limit it to 10 things mate

Mwaan3629d ago

Matchmaking and bugs are the only legitimate complaints.

The Lazy One3629d ago

then you should have picked good ones.

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