E3 Is Trying To Rebrand, But It Should Just Die With Dignity

The leaked E3 rebrand shows a frightening and sad shift toward celebrity over actual games, and it might be time to put the show down.

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NovusTerminus191d ago

No business should just "die with dignity"

They should go down kicking and screaming trying to stay in business, just for the sake of their employees whose lives depend on their job.

bluefox755190d ago

That sounds good in theory, but if you've ever run a business, you'd realize how absurd that is.

SegaGamer191d ago

Why are people in gaming media so desperate to kill E3?

crazyaejay190d ago

Maybe they weren't invited.

Xb1ps4190d ago

So that they have something to cry about if it happens...

locomorales190d ago

They are nothing killing e3. E3 is dying for some years. The World has changed and e3 is not The focal point of games anymore.

It is like comic con. Maybe the future of e3 is to become a fan fest and not The companies and media showcase.

King_Noctis190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Then what is the focal point if games now? Where do they announce games more than E3?

SegaGamer190d ago

Yes it is still the focal point. There are more announcements, reveals, new information and attention from gamers and the media than there is at any other event during the year.

The big gaming media sites are always streaming during E3, they don't do that for any other event. Social media, forums, and news sites with discussion like this one always pays a massive amount of attention to E3. You see more comments on E3 than you do any other gaming event, by far.

gangsta_red190d ago

It shouldn't die, but I think it needs a better format. Yearly just ain't cutting it with how long development takes nowadays.

We get a few E3s that show nothing but what we have already seen the previous year with maybe one or two surprises. It needs to take a couple of years off and return when all the devs and publishers have something to show the public.

190d ago
King_Noctis190d ago

What the f? TheGamer site is just borderline parody now, and at this point is as bad as GamingBolt.

If you’re a real gamer, and if you are a real gaming journalist, then you wouldn’t want the biggest show and convention of the year that celebrate you most favourite habit to die. It just like football want wanting World Cup or wrestling fan wanting WrestleMania to die, which is stupid and make no sense, just like this “gaming” site.

Xb1ps4190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

“Gamers” some are just beyond stupid... the person that wrote this, what ever you want to call it, is on another planet kind of stupid..

189d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.