Spoilers: First 10 minutes of Resident Evil: Degeneration

Following the release of Resident Evil: Degeneration in Japan, Capcom has released the first 10 minutes of the English translation of the CGI horror film ahead of its North American release next month.

The opening of the movie delves into the back-story of the series, offering an insight into the incident at Raccoon City and its effects on Umbrella Corporation and the rest of the world. Moving from a zombie attacking a security guard to an airplane crashing into the side of the airport - unleashing a legion of undead in the process - the film doesn't skimp on action.

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monkey6023653d ago

I'm really impressed by this.

Elimin83653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

And it ties in with the best part of the series to.... RESIDENT.... EEEEVIL 2....

Fishy Fingers3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Not going watch it. But can someone just say, does it look good or not? Not graphically, but as a movie.

Would you want to watch the rest basically?

Heldrasil3653d ago

Yes, it looks like it would fit nicely in the RE universe, better than the live action films.

Fishy Fingers3653d ago

"better than the live action films"... Pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear :)

DiabloRising3653d ago

Wow. That looks SO bad I can't believe it. The characters are so emotionless, even worse than Spirits Within. At least in Advent Children they were semi-stylized.

I can't think of a good CG Japanese film I've seen where the character emote/react in a convincing manner come to think of it.

mabreu3653d ago

It like their talking mannequins.

pcz3653d ago

ok, the graphics are impressive (i couldn't do that).. BUT, they are not good enough to put across emotion. the polygon count looks low, they had 'boxy' arms.

It looks like intro fmv. nowhere near the quality of the final fantasy films. I think this film will suck.

zodiac9093653d ago

soo whens the next one with real people coming out?

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