Forever Entertainment Remaking First Two ‘The House of The Dead’ Games

From Bloody Disgusting: "Okay, no one’s going to lie and say that The House of The Dead games weren’t cheesy as hell, but also pretty damn fun lightgun games. Which is more than what can be said about the films, but I digress.

According to an article by Polish website, Forever Entertainment (the same devs behind the upcoming Panzer Dragoon remakes) have stated that they’re next project will be to remake the first two entries in The House of The Dead series! The translated article states that the games will have “new graphics adapted to modern standards and slightly modified gameplay, but will fully preserve the original scenario”."

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Segata626d ago

SEGA is bringing back all the old IPs for Switch. Do Jet Set Radio and Skies of Arcadia next!

DerfDerf626d ago

Yes!!! I would love to get a stable Skies of Arcadia remake. Game was amazing!!!

ThinkThink625d ago

I would drop 100 bucks for 2 light guns and these remakes. I miss the days of light guns on consoles.

lptmg626d ago

this NEEDS to be in VR. For the love of Yeezus make this VR

After10Ben626d ago

That was the first thought that came to my head. Beat me to it.

mkis007626d ago

with aim controller support!!!! <3

BlackIceJoe626d ago

Awesome suggestion, playing this in vr will really make the fright factor that much more terrifying.

darthv72626d ago

VR would be cool, but it does not "need" to be in VR. HotD4 on PS3 is a perfect example of a quality rail shooter with move support. Its even better than overkill in terms of gameplay.

Neonridr626d ago

having an optional VR mode would be ideal. That way both people can enjoy it.

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Juiceid626d ago

Damn I hope they work with the incoming PDP lightguns!

Gotcha5626d ago

Hope this can be compatible with the New Mars Lightcon gun... just per-ordered The Voyage of the Dead Bundle and I think House of the Dead 1-2 and other Sega shooters will be a welcome addition to the Mars Lightcons.

gangsta_red626d ago

Can we get a sequel to House of the Dead Overkill? I seriously never enjoyed a game as much as I enjoyed that one.

darthv72626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

That is considered a spin off but if you have only played the Wii ver, you should try the PS3 one. It is the extended edition and it is much better. But HotD4 on PS3 beats it.

edit: No, it is more like the other entries. In fact the events of 4 take place between 2 & 3 (funny how that works out)

gangsta_red626d ago

Oh wow! Never knew they had an extended version for PS3.

But is HoTD4 over the top and hilarious as Overkill? Because that's what set it apart from the rest of the series.

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