Epic publishes list of known Gears of War 2 Errors

Epic Community Manager SixOkay has published a list of known problems for Gears of War 2 on the official Epic forums, including acknowledgement for the slow matchmaking issues that many gamers have been experiencing.

"Please help us out. If you see someone posting or asking about something on this list, direct them to this thread. Also, if your issue isn't on this list, please add it in this thread. It'll help everyone stay organized, and help us track things down MUCH faster."

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Hellsvacancy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Tell me of a game that doesnt hav errors

Darkseider3681d ago

I agree with you in every aspect. Games have bugs sometimes they are a pain in the @ss. Here's the thing though.. When SOCOM and LBP had online issues they were bashed into oblivion. SOCOM got lower review scores because of the server problems they had when the game released. The problem was fixed and the game is great. LBP had more XBox fanboys bashing it when there was a server problem article than you could imagine. Just thought I would point that out.

kwicksandz3681d ago

Dont see anything that lets you specify good connection for matchmaking which is my big beef.

JohnnyChimpo3680d ago

Your absolutely right, SOCOM did get the worst reviews ever due to server issues and the game is awesome no doubt, on any given night theirs a list of atleast 35-50 channels full with 256 players in each channel. If this game is so bad then why is there such a huge user base that are dedicated to the game. Then you have gears that gets a solid review even though the game has issues of it's own. I would say it's due to Gears actually having a story line in it rather then strictly online. The game is good, nice visuals, great cover system, and the main character looks like a roid monkey. Good game though

iHEARTboobs3680d ago

I think you're right about the double standards. A lot of fanboys love looking at faults of other system's games but love overlooking faults in their own games. Lets just hope these games get patched up soon after they're released.

As for GEARS errors, is it me or does it lag a lot of times when you're playing? My gf's brother and his gf were playing co-op and i was watching them play and could see it lag every so often. Game looks good though regardless of it not being on the system i own. I'll just play it on his 360. :)

Gun_Senshi3680d ago

Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Zone of the Enders
Zone of the Enders 2

Itsallfunandgames3680d ago

I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. Think about it, Socom is an online only game, it is OK to be more critical of the online problems of an online only game than one that I don't even play online. I have only ever played gears online 1 time. Also little Big planet is moslty online fun too.

Bathyj3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I've never played LBP online and Gears is mostly played online, so I disagree.

Regardless, we just want to know why some games (that would be PS3 games) get criticised and marked down for having fixable issues while others (umm, that would be Gears) get a pass. Not mark down of score and not even mentioned in reviews. Seems reviews were just to eager to show M$ what good subordinates they are to bother with things like how the actually game plays in its primary environment.

And then others still (Resistance 2) dont have any special mention or get marked up, for the amazing technical achievement of having 60 players with almost no lag. R2 runs better 30 on 30 then Gears 5 on 5 but does anyone take that into account or even mention it?

Thats what we mean by Double Standards.

-GametimeUK-3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

"Regardless, we just want to know why some games (that would be PS3 games) get criticised and marked down for having fixable issues while others (umm, that would be Gears) get a pass."

well thats not always the case... socom for example was totally broken and was online only... If the core of the game is broken then you are screwed BUT didnt a reviewer do a socom review after the fix?

and gears still deserves a high score for its single player / coop... Apart from the connection issues with matchmaking the game is not that bad... The only gripe I have is that the actual gameplay online has been made for chainsaw happy noobs... and lets not forget glitches happen to make it into final builds online... Warhawk = Tank glitch (didnt get marked down) Resistance FOM (im not sure what glitches but i know it has them) = didnt get marked down... Metal Gear Online (on AA you can get behind a wall outside the map and kill people_ = didnt get marked down

there you have it... Gears of War2 = weapon sliding and crab walking... will get fixed just like the tank glitch in warhawk...

(edit) warhawks stat / rank tracking = didnt get marked down

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Fishy Fingers3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Good to see such a prompt reply from the Dev's, but with a game this successful it is rather expected. Aside from the matchmaking delays and problems (whats wrong with just giving me a list?!?) I've seen a ton of little problems/glitches that could do with ironing out. But right now, if they can get me in a game without having to wait at least 10 minutes I'll be happy.

Seriously why do people like matchmaking? It's so much simpler just providing a list of available servers/games and to let you choose which you want to play.

If your having problems or spot anything unusual, pop over to Epics forum and let it known, this will get it fixed sooner.

Capt CHAOS3681d ago

Shows they are on the ball and not shy or scared to admit there are issues.

d2dahoopa3681d ago

and the outcome of having my own opinion was i got banned from the forum
thats how good epic are.

thor3681d ago

Yeah I hate matchmaking. If I want to just join a random game I'll choose one with the lowest ping and a few players in already. I also hate games that don't list the ping of the server/individual players - I mean it's not that hard is it?

What I don't get is why in every game where there's a list of servers, I click on a server and refresh it, it's not full, press join, and then I get a "game is full" error message. WTF! I just refreshed the thing! And when I refresh again, it still says it's not full! And I still can't join! Why does this happen in EVERY game? (Examples: Counter-Strike Source, TF2, Battlefield, Warhawk...)

kevnb3681d ago

Its great to always be playing with people around your own skill level.

EastCoastSB3680d ago

I agree, and you said the magic words, "when done right".

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MaximusPrime3681d ago

there you go even xbox 360 games have problems.

JBaby3433680d ago

All games have issues regardless of console. Nothing is perfect but that doesn't mean the games can't be fun.

fafoon3681d ago

And his usual
Gears Of War 2 (GOTY 08) AAA CONFIRMED
The Little Nugget

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3681d ago

A xBox 360 game has Errors??? NEVER!!! ;-D

NewZealander3680d ago

ken both consoles put out games with bugs, atleast this gen theres the option to fix them, i mean lets not forget the ps3 assasins creed lock up bug, or LBP's fatal bug that screws your game.

im playing fable 2 at the moment, and i know there was stories about the bugs in that game, i havnt personally come across any yet and in my oppinion its the best game ive played all year so when i hear a game has a bug or two its not something that puts me off buying the game.

MRMagoo1233680d ago

we would suspect you wouldnt get put off by bugs and problems or else you wouldnt own a 360 the whole consoles a bug.The funny thing is the other day someone was saying how crap little big planet was because if you do a certain thing in the game it breaks it. guess what i have tried this bug out and my save works perfectly fine ive tried it on 2 other ps3s and still no dice hmmmmmmmm.

pp3681d ago

So far i haven't had a single problem also my friends haven't thats why millions of xbox360 owner will continue playing Gears of War 2 long before everyone has given up playing Resistance 2.

Fishy Fingers3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I'm looking for an honest reply now. Have you not experience any lengthy delays when trying to join a game through matchmaking? Because by the sounds of it that would only be the case for you and your friends.

It's ok to admit to problems bro, you didn't make the game, it's not on your head. Don't you want this fixed? Because currently my friends and I (plus hundreds on forums) are absolutely disgusted by the current state of the "matchmaking". You cant even specify a single game mode (Warzone or whatever).

Your jab at R2 leads me to believe you are indeed aware of the problems. Quick mention R2 and divert interest away from the actual news.

j4gs143681d ago

pp i bet you've lost your virginity to your xbox. your sickening

Mr_Bun3681d ago

as if pp has any friends...or gears 2 for that matter

Darkseider3681d ago


"...thats why millions of xbox360 owner will continue playing Gears of War 2 long before everyone has given up playing Resistance 2."

The word you are looking for is AFTER not BEFORE. Now go have another bowl of Failios and try again. DEE DEE DEE!

Egzekutor3681d ago


Foliage3680d ago

Look at his comment history, if he has Gears of War 2 he is no where near attached to it as this website.

In the last 8 days this guy has made 260 comments, and is usually one of the first in any PS3 article. Get a life man, and for your own good go out and finally get laid. Trust me, you won't be on this site for countless hours once you do.

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