10 Nintendo 64 Games That Would Have Been Better On PS1

These N64 games could have been so much better, had they just been released on PlayStation.

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Relientk77525d ago

Pretty much any of them because PS1 didn't have a controller made by aliens for aliens. Regular people do not have 3 hands. I like the N64 and it's games, but the controller makes no sense.

Neonridr525d ago

nah, it was pretty easy to use, you just sort of ignored the left handle.

Minute Man 721524d ago

The N64 controller was fine, don't get the complaints unless you were a kid, it was kinda big but I was a teen when it came out

Sirk7x524d ago

Not true, N64 and PS1 had entirely different hardware limitations, which led to how the games were developed. Games like OoT would have never worked on Playstation back then. Same with the space requirements concerning FF7-9. Those games would have been entirely different on N64. Both great consoles.

Neonridr525d ago

Winback was a fantastic game back on the 64.

Minute Man 721524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Played RR64 n SW: Racer. The N64 would have faired better if it was CD based. It's the 3rd console curse, happened to Sony, SEGA and Microsoft aslo

DazaMc524d ago

He thinks Ridge Racer is owned by sony, do'h. The clue is printed on the back of the car in the screen shot.

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