Gone for Good: The Phantom Pain of Peace in Metal Gear Solid V

Even if there were a Metal Gear Solid 6, 7, 8, there’s no satisfaction they could provide. There will always be loss.

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PhoenixUp674d ago

Even if Kojima stayed with Konami idk what more could be done with the series. Mostly everything was wrapped up with MGS4 and even moreso with MGSV albeit with some controversial retcons. Any more entries would just further create inconsistencies with an already tightly woven plot

PhoenixUp674d ago

Remaking MG1 to fit in with the established later plot threads would just create even more inconsistencies. If you have to retread old ground just to keep a franchise going it shows you that it’s already run its course

Chumdiddy674d ago

I dunno. You don't have to change anything and MGS is an all-time classic. I'd buy a true remake today.

As for the old MSX titles, I'd buy a remake of those as well. Many fans didn't even play those, let alone casual fans of the series. I'd even say that those two deserve a modern retelling.

Remaking doesn't necessitate changing anything. Now, they WILL change stuff (lol) but they shouldn't and don't have to.

PhoenixUp674d ago

MGS1 already had a remake and I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about MG1

Fans already got the chance to play MG1 & MG2 within the MGS HD Collection. You would have to change a lot of things from the original, such as the Big Boss you fight at the end of MG1 having a horn and a prosthetic hand while he doesn’t in MG2.

CaptainOmega674d ago

You wouldn’t like to see a young snake go up against venom, and then Big Boss in a Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2 remake?

PhoenixUp674d ago

It’d be marred by various inconsistencies. For example Big Boss states he sent Solid Snake on the mission because he thought Snake would fail, yet MGS4 retcons it saying it was the Patriots who sent Solid Snake instead.

The simple plot of MG1 & MG2 to an extent would get undermined by the various retcons. Solid Snake as another example would recognize that Big Boss is physically different both times he controls him.

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umair_s51674d ago

I'm up for a remake of any MGS

Zefros674d ago

I think his plan was to remake the first to metal gear games where solid snake goes to zanzibar and " kills" big boss. Also gray fox " dies" there. There would probably be 1 or 2 more games left to fill the gap for the solid saga.

PitbullMonster674d ago

There is still the question why and how Big Boss became the evil guy.

Chocoburger674d ago

This was answered in multiple games already:


Go back and replay all those games again if you need a refresher.

P_Bomb674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Choco’s right. It’s been meticulously explained in MGS4 flashbacks, the US/Russia/China and secret government machinations of Snake Eater, Peacewalker and Phantom Pain. Everyone flipped the script. Suddenly terrorist is just another word for freedom fighter depending on your POV. The games go heavy on the military industrial complex and how Boss was a part of it at its zenith. He was never really a villain, but the unchecked fear of what he represented after he left, got him a burn notice that took on a life of it’s own.

rainslacker674d ago

He didnt even want to make 4. Or 5. The fact he still put in a lot if effort to 4 is remarkable, and 5 seemed ambitious and typical kojima, but I think he was getting bored with it

mandingo674d ago

tightly woven plot... nah

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Chumdiddy674d ago

Huge MGS fan here and it was done anyway. MGSV is the worst in the numbered series and I can't imagine a direction forward that can be taken while not awful.

Now, diving into the major plot points of the past is possible but limited in possibilities. I mean, the long talked about Boss in WW2 telling is about the best take on the past so the franchise was basically over by saturation even with Kojima.

Chaos_Order674d ago

Agreed. Metal Gear was my all-time favourite game franchise for over a decade, but everything after MGS4 was just oversaturation. Peace Walker was fine, but mostly redundant in terms of story. MGSV was simply a step too far. Just because something is great doesn't mean it needs to keep going and going for years and years. A fitting end should be just that, and a sign to move onto something new.

Chumdiddy674d ago

You may be the only other MGS fan that isn't head over heels in love with MGS:PW like I am not. Everyone seems to love it but beyond being a major technical accomplishment on PSP (still amazes me) I didn't find it all that necessary or even enjoyable. It was good but not a sign that there was a lot left in the tank.

I also just wasn't a huge fan of the base building mechanic. It had it merits but always felt a bit tacked-on and there precisely because there wasn't much left in the plot to merit a full MGS title. I'm also one of the fans that loves the story most of all, insane cutscene and all.

Kostche674d ago

5 lost everything that made mgs good, good story telling, great characters, instead they opted for open empty world crap story, forgettable characters..

Ground zero was the game we should have gotten, and got to play our hero, instead of a no named nobody medic and that is all on Kojima its his game, no matter how people like to deny it and say Konami forced him to make it that way, sorry no

Shane Kim674d ago

Whenever I hear about MGSV it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

CaptainOmega674d ago

This game is a mess. To think MG4 was the last good Metal Gear game.