A Pro model could give PS5 a big advantage over Xbox Scarlett

The next-gen console war is already heating up.

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NarutoFox25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It's going to come down to the exclusives next generation. Both consoles will be identical in power

CrimsonWing6925d ago

Exactly, the Xbox One X is technically better than a PS4 Pro, but who cares about power when the games straight up suck on the console. Exclusives are what will dictate the success of the consoles.

shloobian25d ago

Your fanboy is showing. Let's ignore all 3rd party games that look and perform better on X and just go with a blanket statement. No one gave two shits about the exclusives at the start of this gen when the PS4 lineup was in their own words sparse compared to the competition. It was all about the POWWAAA. Now it's all about the games again because Sony lost that power advantage.

Jin_Sakai25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

“ Your fanboy is showing. Let's ignore all 3rd party games that look and perform better on X and just go with a blanket statement.”

Most people still buy 3rd party games on PS4 regardless. Xbox is almost irrelevant at this point.

b163o125d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Xbox fans may not of cared about exclusives, but us at Sony seen last gen how exclusives made a difference, and we appreciate what not only Sony has built, but what we built as well...
PS5 day1...

ocelot0725d ago

@shloobian if exclusives didn't matter. Then surely everyone would have sold there playstations and got a XB1 X right? All 3rd party games should be selling best on Xbox right since they look nicer on the X? Nope people want the best all round gaming system. Out of the lot the PS4 is the best all round gaming system. The best exclusives and 3rd party games.

DarkZane25d ago

Pretty sure power mattered at the start of the generation because the PS4 was more powerful for $100 less and people knew that exclusives were coming. Also, Xbox One exclusives were just as bad as PS4 at first, if not worst.

Apocalypse Shadow25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

It wasn't power that mattered. Most gamers didn't want forced DRM with a spying, bundled camera.

PS4 just happened to focus on games without the camera taking up cycles. Fan boys ran with the power nonsense. The rest of us focused on the games because that's why you buy a console to begin with.

mikeslemonade25d ago

I already know I will buy the pro model of each console and “poor” console. I love it, because the hardware by year 3 in a generation gets too weak.

343_Guilty_Spark24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Aren't Like 7 of the top best selling PS4 games of all time third party games? I think the success will come more so from price and performance. Remember the PS4 was priced $100 cheaper and was more powerful at the very beginning of the gen...with all the mistakes MS made it was an easy choice for early adopters who then went on to tell their friends to get a PS4 just like them.

b163o124d ago


"Aren't 7 of the top PS4 blah blah blah" dude you like 24hrs behind......STFrikUp

bluefox75524d ago (Edited 24d ago )

@shloobian It's a little better, is it $100 better? Debatable. The point is, you can get marginally weaker hardware and play the best games of the generation, or you can get a slightly higher resolution, and in some cases, a slightly more stable framerate and pass on all of the GOTY level exclusives. Seems like an obvious choice to me.

bluefox75524d ago

@343 Sure, but sales don't equal quality in every case. The top selling games are often not GOTY contenders, they are just popular. The best games of the generation, while usually selling quite well, are often outsold my mainstream series like Call of Duty. Does this mean that Call of Duty is better than God of War? Of course not, and conflating sales with quality is stupid.

Zabatsu224d ago

So tired of reading this shit excuse about thirdparty games being equal to exclusives. I have a PC for thirdparty games. Microsoft is giving nobody any incentive as to why I ever in my life should buy an Xbox, because the game will be availble on the PC. Before you know it, the Xbox Console will be dead and say welcome to games as a service.

Neonridr24d ago

exclusive wise sure, but every 3rd part game looks and runs better on the One X, don't kid yourself.

xRacer74x24d ago

@Jin_Sakai, PS4 is irrelevant in my household. Im, not sure when the last time it was even powered on.

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AsunaYuukiTheFlash25d ago

@shloobian no one give a shit because we know Sony will deliver on that front. You can't rush greatness....GREATNESS AWAITS!

Sitdown25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


kernel24d ago

Exclusives are part of it, but there are so many more factors. PS4 was cheaper and had much better pr at the start of this gen.

Father__Merrin24d ago

Xbox sold 44k consoles worldwide last week its irrelevant now... Playstation is where its all at and will continue untill next gen and beyond.

rainslacker24d ago

Scarlett and the ps5 are fairly equally specced based on all comments and rumors about it. I dont really see why Sony needs a pro version. I'd rather the mid gen or 2 models in one gen thing not carry over to the next gen. Was an interesting experiment which was ultimately pointless

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Christopher25d ago

Nonsense. Even phones don't do that anymore because manufacturing for two products and trying to determine how much each will sell is bad. It's better to aim for the largest interested market and push that as far as you can and then do a mid-gen release. It also saves on development costs early on as new games are developed and learn the one machine and are eased into the two or three-year later released mid-gen hardware.

Just doesn't make any sense.

jukins25d ago

What? Are you really that ignorant just look up how many different versions of the apple phone just released as well as the samsung note 10. Obvisouly the standard version would sell the most then they can adjust the premium version based on sales.

And development time increase would be next to nothing seeing as a ps5 pro would use the same chipset family with obviously higher spec numbers.

Apocalypse Shadow25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Someone else is showing ignorance today. And It's not Chris.

Too many versions of a product being released creates consumer confusion. Look it up. You would know this if you were more knowledgeable on the subject.

Sony discontinued the $500 PS3 because it wasn't selling like the $600 one. But this time, Pro came so late in the game, it's not selling as fast as the standard model. If both consoles launched at the same time, one would have sold more forcing the other to be discontinued. It's a waste in manufacturing that costs money.

Secondly, if the standard model would have sold more than the Pro, consumers would feel cheated as the Pro wouldn't be pushed to have better graphics, etc for the price you would have paid.

Know what your talking about. PS5 doesn't need a Pro version early on but a focus on one product, one strategy. Maybe later down the line. Not at launch. These aren't phones. So we don't need the phone mentality in the console industry.

plmkoh25d ago

Not sure why you're getting so much negs, have people gone full retard or something.

jukins25d ago

@apocalypse sony discontinued the $500 ps3 because it had a 20gb HD. Not because it sold less. It sold more at the start but sony quickly realized that 20gb wasnt enough.

What consumer is gonna feel cheated that their pro isnt being pushed? When clearly the pro performs better than the standard 4k checkerboard increased fidelity multiple performance modes and a greatly enhanced vr capability. The ps4 pro model isnt some drastic new architecture its simply a beefed up ps4 which. As sony has stated many times, that development times wont be effected that much because of how it was made.

It's funny you say know what you're talking about when clearly you're in the wrong. Who are you to say a pro isnt needed at launch? Because I'd gladly purchase one. It's like telling people dont buy collectors editions because it's not needed. Hell why is the ps5 even needed? You're acting like it's some crazy absurd idea that sony KNOWS they have consumers who want just a little more performance and dont mind paying for it.

Too many versions dont create customer confusion when it comes to tech devices. Ask apple ask samsung ask google.

UltraNova25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Allow me to disagree on this one. We are trained these days to choose a version of a new thing every time we leave our house, we don't get confused anymore. Are you in the market for a Mobile phone and you have a particular inclination to a certain company's product? Apple, Samsung, Google pix etc they all launch a new line with multiple SKUs. Same goes with pretty much anything. You want a PC today? Well you have about an infinite amount of variation to choose from there. You want a car? Say a Porche 911...well which one the regular 911, the 911 4S, the 911 Turbo, the 911 Turbo S? The list goes on. Hell even when someone is in the market for a console the have to choose between one company (Sony, MS and Nintendo).

See, we are conditioned to make a choice on something every single day, why would it be confusing to choose one out of two versions of a ps5 come Nov 2020? I believe it's a viable strategy that ultimately benefits us the consumer because we get to spend our money on a console once per gen and not twice if you happen to want the latest and greatest. Did we forget what consoles are all about? One hardware for one gen, a fact that made development so much easier for devs and allowed them to get to know the hardware and make amazing looking games as the gen progressed (Uncharted 1 to tLoU for example) for everyone!

Personally, I would happily spend up to 200 more for the Ps5 Pro from the get go and be happy I wouldn't have to feel I was missing out on the latest and greatest on 2-3 years down the line.

Of course there are some who can afford to buy as many iterations as they want but what about the rest of the people?

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shloobian25d ago

Uhhhh phones do this all the time.....

Apocalypse Shadow25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

These aren't phones.

Why not release a new version of a console every year if it's so doable.

They're not phones. The development to make every version of a game run well would be insanity for developers. It already pushes some devs to focus on an exclusive more to make the best game possible than spreading the game across multiple hardware. So they patch an update for Pro later. Some devs don't have the funds.

One console is enough. Those "elite enthusiasts" that feel they need the best version over everyone else need to go buy a PC and leave consoles alone with this multiple version nonsense.

shloobian25d ago

Whether they are phones or not is irrelevant. He is the one who said even phones don't do this which they clearly do every single yet.

As for it being development nightmare , anyone who thinks that is a fool. They have only been doing this on PC for the past 30 years.

jukins25d ago

Lmao there a million different phones with all different specs but they all run the same apps and games.

Stanjara24d ago

If you want to sell your product to larger audience, and you have a loss on each sold unit (not just expensive manufacture, but all the investment in research and development, contracts, outsourcing, equipment, labor etc.) Then your target of customers has to be wider. (Those with money, and those with less money - or from psychological standpoint those who are willing to spend more, or less). You can't negotiate with every single customer about how much is he going or willing to pay for the same model.

What you can do is separate your product into base, and premium versions. Sales of each version are not important because it is the same product, on the same assembly line, same manufacturing, same parts. Same generation.

With cars is the same, only there are so many options there you have to negotiate with each customer to make a spec before assembly. but specs are there. ( cars are more expansive than electronics, so there are more ways to actually make a deal).

For manufacturer is essential to reach as quickly as possible break even point, after that he can modify, make more research - invest into revision of a product - make it better, more efficient, more attractive, more affordable.

Customer confusion is bad for the customer, not for the manufacturer, and there will be some, but sale increase outshine that problem in the end.

Developer confusion is also a factor, but now days engines are so scalable ( from mobile, to high end pc) that it doesn't matter. Its more defined by the generation of developing software. (Fallout can have all the memory in the world but their engine is decades old and will have problems).

There are different strategies how to eliminate loss at the beginning of a product. One plus has an interesting one, where they put out a new model every six months for a different market.

From a fan point it is better to have one beast model...but Ps5 is probably gonna cost 800$ (china tarifs and all the technology) so Sony is looking into options.

I hope you learned something.

Fist4achin25d ago

Meh, im too busy playing games to even think about it...

Traecy25d ago

God willing I'm buying the PS5 Pro when released.

UhOh25d ago

For 600-700 and what if a new comes 3yrs after. Knowing Sony it will be 400 ps5 and 500 pro.

jairusmonillas25d ago

PS5 is complete BC with PS4 which already gives them 100m+ userbase edge next gen.

JackBNimble25d ago

You're not going to be playing ps5 games on the ps4 so no it doesn't give ps5 100mill userbase.