Sony's Confusing Approach To State of Play

Sony's State of Play continues to be the place where the biggest Playstation announcements happen. But is Sony properly utilizing the format?

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ClayCyre26d ago

It was pretty confusing wasn't it? Approved!

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AK9126d ago

They are using the same method as Ninty and that's confusing?

StarLink26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

True but for some reason Nintendo has it nailed down and I think it has to do with the fact that they always have surprises in the show. They show a bit of everything from bad to good to "WOW" while Sony shows bad, good, bad, good etc. I can safely say that the highlight of the State of Play was The Last of Us for the majority of the viewers while the rest was just OK.

AspiringProGenji26d ago

But they showed cool games, but you know what everyone turned in for... TLoU2. Obviously everyone could care less about the rest

sampsonon25d ago

it's a children's console with children's games. so i can see how it is easy to "WOW" the kids.
but we're talking about wowing adults which is harder to do.
the last state of play had a few games that i want, including a vr game.
I don't understand why Nintendo is even a part of this conversation?

Lilrizky25d ago

It took a couple years for Nintendo to get there though.

Tross26d ago

Games journalists tend to be more "confused" if something is done by Sony than if it is done by other companies. I call this phenomenon the hypocrisy effect.

King_Noctis26d ago

Per the article, it’s not the format of the show that is confusing, it is the timing and the contents shown in the show that is confusing.

“There is a weird thing that happens during Sony‘s State of Play where it can feel like the only thing you remember is either the first game or the last game, but not much in the middle. Even going through the comments of the video, there were plenty of people praising The Last of Us Part 2 but didn’t see many other comments about any of the other games that got their time in the presentation.”

“So what is the big deal about talking about Sony‘s State of Play? They are doing their own thing and we should let them do whatever they want, right? That would be all fine and good if it weren’t for the fact of how long it’s been since the last time we’ve heard from them. If this presentation was done after E3, then it would be understandable if there weren’t many big announcements. Then again, Sony did skip E3 and also didn’t really say much about their plans for 2019 during other conferences like Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show.”

I did not agree with everything the author has stated but there you go.

sampsonon25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

MidiEvil demo announcement, Death Stranding console, Oct ps plus, LA Noire, and the last of us gameplay/trailer release announcement.
not bad for a 20 minute show.
what did people expect, all AAA new announcements?
this is the only way Sony can show smaller titles without people crying about it. well i thought anyway.
people are upset when they show these titles at E3, so they found a way to show them without taking up time from an E3 and still people aren't satisfied.

a bunch of spoiled brats.

Xaevi26d ago

Nothing is confusing about em. They're exactly like Directs, move on

ps3vita4life26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The only thing confusing here is why this article exists. Sony shows games during a games stream = confusing?

NarooN26d ago

I saw it, what was confusing about it? It's literally just them showing teasers and trailers for either upcoming games or newly-released ones. I don't see what's so "incorrect" or baffling about it.

RememberThe35725d ago

Sounds like it has to do with the author not liking, or not remembering, some of the games Sony showed. Seems to be a personal problem for the author, not sure why all of us needed to be apart of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.