Activision: Call of Duty Success Due to Internal Competition

Softpedia writes: "Recently, Robert Bowling, the director of communication at Infinity Ward, launched a somewhat heated tirade against Noah Heller from Activision, telling him to stop referencing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which was made by Infinity Ward, in all his interviews related to the launch of Call of Duty: World at War, which was made by Treyarch. Bowling even referred to Heller as the "senior super douche" in a blog post.

The senior producer with Activision has sought to calm down the waters by pointing out, in a Gamasutra interview, the way the two studios which work on the Call of Duty franchise collaborate and compete with each other in order to create the best product that fans can thoroughly enjoy."

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Asurastrike3655d ago

How can Treyarch compete with the people that created the engine they are making their game on? When Treyarch makes their own amazing engine, then they will be on Inifinity Ward's level.

Montrealien3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I think you missed the point, we all know Infinty ward is a great studio and when their Call of Duty comes out it is the pedigree of the franchise. But to Treyarch's credit, the Spiderman engine is pretty solid and polished at this point. They are not as horible as people like to label them.

The idea is that if you got Infinity Ward pushing treyarch in the ass like they do internaly, it pushes Treyarch to make better Call of Duty games then if IW didn't push them.

InMyOpinion3655d ago

If you have two teams working with the same engine the feedback on what to adress and upgrade in the next engine that they develop will also be greater.

[email protected]3655d ago

Treyarch: Oh of course, we call each other douches all the time. It's just the nature of this friendly competition we have w/ our good friends at Infinity Ward.

IW: Who are you again?

Treyarch: Haha good joke guys. That's just good old carazy IW for ya. Our close pals btw.

IW: Douche.