Red Alert 3 Event, Trafalgar Square report from Strategy Informer

From Strategy Informer: "It's a cold, wet and windy evening in London and tonight we've traipsed to Trafalgar Square to attend EA's unsubtle Red Alert 3 launch event in the dubiously titled 'Battledome' (a clear PVC tent with limited heat retaining qualities). Packed to the rafters with members of the press and general public keen to get some hands on time with the game (or a perv at Gemma Atkinson),

Raucous, heavy 'rawk' music blasts out from the huge sound system as a huge video screen runs Red Alert 3 trailers on a constant loop, shouting incomprehensible stuff about the game – an unrelenting assault on the eyes and ears. After 30 minutes of sitting, watching loud trailers repeat over and over, unable to get through the masses to the bank of 360s running the latest instalment in the Red Alert series, the event begins in earnest."

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