Beyonce Refuses to Fly Without Her Xbox and PSP

slashgamer writes: "Wow, talk about being a true diva. Superstar singer Beyonce Knowles refused to fly to Monaco for the 'World Music Awards' unless she got what she wanted. Organizers of the show already had plans to fly the "Bootylicious" star in the same private jet that had flown such legendary artists Frank Sinatra and Elton John. It recently even transported Jennifer Lopez.

However Beyonce, being the brat that she is, demanded that the show fly her in a 'newer' aircraft but also include a few video games, a source said;"

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Fishy Fingers3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Must be a really slow week over at slashgamer.

anh_duong3631d ago

let's face it: who wouldn't want to play around with her xbox?

i am the truth3631d ago

Im sorry but why is this news on N4G!?!?!?!
First it was soulja boy and now its beyonce.

Whos next..... :/

Chubear3631d ago

Uhm, sounds like just some weird dude/dudette looking for an excuse to let out their hate for the lady cause I'm not seeing any news here just some odd hater looking rant.

Algonath3631d ago

I find it kool that Beyonce is a gamer even though she's as spoiled as Paris. But yeah, I wouldnt travel far without my 360 and my PS3. +1 for B.

Anybody who disagrees to this reply you proven my point that your just another annoying hater of the 360 and is just jealous the fact she did not mention a PS3. So just stop it. I prefer both consoles. No idiotic immature talk plz.

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pp3631d ago

Don't blame her choosing xbox360 console its the most popular entertainment console in the world.

PoSTedUP3631d ago

wow your still doing this non stop huh? i pray that you get a life.

Fishy Fingers3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Wii/DS/PSP/PS2 are all currently available and have all outsold it. So logically I'd say they're more popular.

PoSTedUP3631d ago

did you take him seriously? do you guys take this kid seriously all the time??? *face palm*

ThatCanadianGuy3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Of course she'd need a 360.Winters coming up and it's the best portable heater on the market right now.

heyheyhey3631d ago

you win the award for being the most predictable person on the planet :)

jmcorp3631d ago

Lol that you mention littlesmallballsack, which has only sold a few thousand copies, compared to GeOW2 which has easily done millions in just a couple days, and yet expect it to be GOTY, what, a game majority of people don't have?

wisen up son, GeOW2 will always be a bigger contender for GOTY, most innovative game? sure, why not...GOTY? LBP stands no chance.

Ice2ms3631d ago

"Lol that you mention littlesmallballsack, which has only sold a few thousand copies, compared to GeOW2 which has easily done millions in just a couple days, and yet expect it to be GOTY, what, a game majority of people don't have?"

ROFL because people buy into the hype its GOTY ? If thats the case expect GTAIV to be GOTY ... based on reviews LBP is superior to GeOW, while GTAIV is superior to both. I downloaded Gears last week ... and its better than the 1st one IMO they are solid games BUT they dont compare to LBP, the possibilitys with LBP are nigh unlimited while GeOW2 is very linear now don't get me wrong I understand u like to take it up the ass from MS but please while you do it open your fanboy eyes and look at other systems games believe me you'll thank me someday kid.

Capt CHAOS3631d ago

?? Where did that come from?

You get a bubble just for making me laugh!

ThatCanadianGuy3631d ago


I'll try to dumb it down for you.

LBP-95 at metacritic
GeOW2-93 at metacritic

LBP pure inovation at it's finest
GeOW2 exactly the same as the first one,only with more technical issues and lag.

Which game has a better chance of being GOTY? I'll leave it up to you to figure out..

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Hellsvacancy3631d ago

Im sure there will b more Ps3 bashin at sum point 2day

penguinhunter3631d ago

Trust me, if she's playing it -- it must suck...

I'm Just kidding!!

The Matrix3631d ago

Anyone think this story is 720 degrees because of the picture. ;)

Hellsvacancy3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Did i just read that right

Edit. @ThatCanadianguy Lol bubbles

absolutecarnage3631d ago

Way too be unoriginal with the 360 jokes, man maybe that was funny like a year ago, actually come to think of it, who truly thought those were funny to begin with

Capt CHAOS3631d ago

Or are you like brothers?

timmyrulz3631d ago

Who gives a flying fcuk about what beyonce needs/doesnt need. Knowing this has enlightened my life so much / sarcasm

pixelsword3631d ago

...and the title gave you everything the article was about, so what's your problem?