Overwatch’s next patch is a “remaster,” according to Blizzard

From PCGamesN: "With Activision Blizzard having all kinds of success with World of Warcraft Classic taking its popular MMO back to basics with none of the updates from recent years, it’s almost a surprise to learn that Blizzard’s other incredibly popular online game Overwatch is going in the opposite direction. The latest Overwatch patch notes are here for v1.41 of the game, and they change things so fundamentally Blizzard are calling the patch “a remaster”."

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426d ago
kythlyn426d ago

Doesn't remaster imply at the very least a graphical overhaul? This seems to be just a patch.

TheLeapist426d ago

This title is extremely misleading. It's just a patch with a handful of nerfs and buffs for specific heroes. There have been heftier changes than this even in the very recent past and no one called those a remaster. Move along people, nothing to see here.