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"The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is the latest installment of one of Nintendo’s oldest and most successful franchises. Based on the 1993 game of the same name, this remaster will be available on Nintendo Switch tomorrow! The question remains: is this remaster a glow-up that’s worth the purchase or is it a blow-up that’s worth the pass? Let’s find out!"

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xVOLTx628d ago

The FPS drop is killing it for me

Neonridr628d ago

it never drops below 30fps which seems to be the standard for PS4/XB1 games a lot of the time.

I think an unlocked framerate would be more ideal rather than forcing the game to drop to 30fps when it can't hold a steady 60. But I've been playing this game in handheld mode and honestly there is a brief hiccup once and a while but hardly game breaking at all. People act like the game is unplayable or something..