Gears of War boss talks about paying extra for the ending of a game

CinemaBlend Writes:

"The boss of EPIC Games talks about the alternatives that could be utilized to combat used video game sales. One curious option is to develop a game where the final boss battle or ending has to be purchased for second hand buyers and renters. Such measures would hamper the used game market greatly.

Used video game sales are a delicate part of the video game industry eco system in the US. Various video game brick and mortar chains rely on such transactions like EBGames, GameStop and GameCrazy. Killing the used video game market could be detrimental to most of the retail chains. Some retailers such as GameCrazy have reported that up to 30% of the total sales were due to used video games.

"Used video games also offer customers an alternative option to purchasing a game that they might not have considered acquiring at full price. However, the argument from the developers have been that none of the profit earned from the used video games trickle down to the studios or publishers."

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RememberThe3573655d ago

I honestly will not buy games if they go up anymore. I think the publishers deserve a cut of used game sales. We don't need the used game market driving revenues down and prices up.

beefynachos3655d ago

Saying that publishers should get a cut from used sales is stupid. They already got paid from it's original sale. They are not entitled to any more than that.

InMyOpinion3655d ago

I don't think game prices would go down if the used games market went away. These companies are only out to make as much money possible. Secure profit as they say. Their next step would probably be to ban rentals of video games as well.

UnwanteDreamz3655d ago

You know what is stupid? Having a retailer push a used copy of a game so that they can cut you out of the profits. This crap is going to bite us all in the ### someday. How many of you have grabbed a new title and had the clerk tell you that you could buy the used one at a cheaper price?

beefynachos3655d ago

Yeah I agree with you on that. If a store had alot of used copies of a game it would lessen the sales of new copies. Point taken! It would be unfortunate if whatever they do about this hurts those that buy used games. I think if people want to sell their games they should do it privately, not at a gamestore. Places like Gamestop are a complete rip-off.

jadenkorri3655d ago

your both right, devs deserve the money, until you work in a game company and on a title that has a release date, you have to meet that date, that amount of stress involved is how do you think your gonna feel when someone sells your game and make a profit and you don't, or how bout the game being pirated off the internet...on another last point GS/EB sells used games $5 cheaper..spend the extra 5 dollars and get it new...

CyberSentinel3655d ago

REGISTRATION CODES. Each game will have a different code, that once activated (either by telephone or internet) will lock said game to said user. User will have to provide, name, address, age, gamertag/psn ID. Registration codes must be encrypted on each disc and a security screen must be put in place at server log in.

If registration code matches gamertag/psn id, then you are free to game, if not you have to pay 59.99 for a new registration code.

IdleLeeSiuLung3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I would normally say that artists should not get a royalty when a used copy is sold. However, as it is right now, the used game market is rather big. Who knows, it might become as big or bigger than the new game sales then that becomes a huge problem. I don't see the music or the book industry facing this issue. Another issue is games have declined in price relative to inflation with rising development cost....

The biggest issue though is why buy used, when I almost always find the game brand new in store cheaper than rip-off prices (10% off MSRP) at GameStop or GameCrazy. Increasing profit to used game dealers do not benefit the game industry. Supporting new games by voting with your money does!

On another note, I would never buy a game that I had to purchase additonal content to get the complete experience. As it is, a lot of things that used to be included are now charged as DLC.

badz1493654d ago

1st of all, this is the 2nd time this got approved. but as far as the topic goes, I would say they can try and go on with the idea and after that see how far down the idea will drag them and strip them from success!

this idea is as unviable as digital distribution. for god sake let me tell them this one more time! NOT EVERYBODY HAS INTERNET ACCESS AT HOME!! damn these dev, they sometimes spit out the dumbest things!

CyberSentinel3654d ago


Like I said, registration would be done by phone or internet.
Everybody has a home phone or a cell phone or access to a phone.
There is no reason why developers should not take my idea seriously.
This will eliminate trade-in's and pirated copies from going online.

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ghostman1233655d ago

Umm, so if you beat the ending of a game, you have to pay to beat it again? Because the ending would become void or what? This is a very stupid idea. I want to be able to replay my games without having to pay extra.

jadenkorri3655d ago

i don't buy games with those DRM on them, saying i can only install like 3 times or something, im like screw that, I just dl the game and install it as much as i want because thats what i do..but to do what there saying wouldn't be hard, they just include a gamer card or soemthing that the original buyer can enter, which would allow you to finish as many times as you want...oh crap, i just gave them an

Fox013655d ago

Any developer that does that can kiss my @ss; I'm not buying his game!

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jadenkorri3655d ago

go for it, used games, screw them, why....because they are always $5 cheaper than the original price...if you can't afford a game at full does $5 dollars cheaper make a difference....

Seraphim3655d ago

"Used video games also offer customers an alternative option to purchasing a game that they might not have considered acquiring at full price..."

that would be a good point if only people were actually saving money by purchasing used games. As it stands though more often than not the used version, in retail, only costs $5 less than new. If people feel $60 is too much how is $55 not? When I look at a game I say I won't spend more than $40 on it if it's a questionable buy. Sometimes even $30. But how is saving $5 going to get anyone to buy a game that "they might not have considered acquiring at full price."

As to paying for the ending. I'm not a fan but at the same time something needs to be done. And I think it might work. However if you were to implement something like this into games you'd need a time frame on how long the second hand user gets locked out of the content (ending). Maybe after 1-3 years open the game up so it doesn't matter anymore. That might not be a bad idea to combat used games sales to allow people to buy these games used after their value is minimal or after you can't find them new on store shelves...

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