Seriously Though, Left 4 Dead Isn't Coming to PS3

CinemaBlend Writes:

"Still, I know some people will read that quote and go, "Sure, they're not planning a PS3 version yet. When the sales figures come in, though, EA (who did the PS3 version of Orange Box) will be all over it!" But is there anyone out there who doesn't already think this game is going to sell well? Valve's not exactly a dark horse anymore. They sold several million copies of Half-Life 2 - it would be difficult to blow away the already-high expectations for Left 4 Dead. I just don't see this happening:

EA Executive: What is it, Ms. Templeton?
EA Executive's Assistant: It's Left 4 Dead, sir! They've sold ten million copies!
EA Executive: My God! (he grabs the red phone on his desk) Commence production of the PS3 version of Left 4 Dead at once!

Furthermore, If Valve was interested in making a PS3 version or they had a company lined up to handle it, they don't really have any incentive to keep slamming the door on the rumors. Then again, rumor's managed to get this far with no evidence so why stop here?"

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tocrazed4you3724d ago

There is a reason why its on pc and there is also another reason why that fat guy works at valve. There is to many dam cheeseburgers in the world and he is help keeping the cheeseburger population in check.

Haiku3682d ago

They're too lazy to try

lonix3724d ago

gabe newell is still a waste of time.....

stealing mod's from quake -- tf2
buying other peoples mods -- counterstrike
zombie mod from counterstrike

Sackdude3724d ago

We, don't give a $hit, we have a lot of great games on the PS3 that are better then L4D.

i don't like useless fps games like L4D.

The Dark Side3724d ago

I mean the PS3 has finally have great games this year. GTA 4, MGS 4, LBP, Bioshock ( which is a better version than the xbox 360), Resistance 2, Whipout HD, Burout Paradise, Rock Band 2, Dead Space, and Fallout 3. All those games have an average ranking (according to game of 87% or higher, with six of this games over 90%. This is a great year for Sony games and the year is not over yet. And next year will be just as good. So, who cares about L4D if you are only a PS3 owner, we have enough to keep us occupied. We are not going to loss some sleep cause some fat basterd is to lazy to port a game to a more advance system than the xbox 360.

PS: also Valkyria Chronicles is also a great exclusive JRPG for the PS3 with an 86.813% which is close to 87%. So that gives the PS3 five good exclusive games this year for the PS3. MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, Whipout HD and Valkyria Chronicles. So, enough false talk about the PS3 has no games, That was true in 2006 and early 2007, but know after two whole years we finally have the games that seperate us for the competetion and the system is not at it's climax as the xbox 360. Enjoy Gears of War 2 cause it will not get any better than that, an Alan Wake will be too late to impress now with games like Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, Quatuam Theory, etc. that blows that game out the water as far as graphics are concern. Xbox fans just cause the system is cheaper and there is a bigger library(which more than half is crap, Perfect Dark any one) does not mean it is a better system. And even if we do come in last place Sony is not going anywhere, we still will have the best games and the best system in the long run. Look at nintendo they where last and know they are first. I don't just look at price or who is first I look to see if I am going to get my monies worth. And with the PS3, I am definitly proud of my investment. I started off with the Xbox 360 and it was a bad investment, especially since I do not have it anymore. But anyway, we do not need valve we have better and smarter developers who knows who to utilize the PS3, so L4D and Valve can kiss my A**, peace.

thebudgetgamer3724d ago

and msg4 is not coming the the 360 there happy were even


ryuzu3724d ago

L4D is no where near as good a game as MGS4.

So that's hardly a fair trade for the 360.

To describe to people who haven't played it - in terms of *basic gameplay* L4D is a cut down version of R2's online co-op mode. I say cut down for 2 reasons, first even on the Expert/Impossible level, L4D is not as hard as R2 and second because it only supports 4 players co-op (and in the demo at least has a terrible online matching method even on the PC).

L4D might well get good reviews but, while fun, I suspect that unless/until it gets good modding support it's a game that will wear thin very quickly - with the 360's lack of support for mods, I really think it is going to be hobbled on that platform too badly to be worth it...


yanikins1113724d ago

i think the point his trying to make is that the same people who wrote this are probably the same people that get all sweaty because they see hideo kojima playing a 360 demo. "OMGZMGS4ISCUMMING!!!!&qu ot;

Really i think its kind of pathetic for a professional journalist to be so worried about trying to convince so few people a game isnt coming out. The people to whom this article is aimed, myself being on of them, are not going to have our minds changed by someone telling us "No. Its REALLY not coming to the ps3." I mean seriously buddy, if the developer and publisher said it, and we dont believe them, what makes you think im going to believe you. Add to this the fact that Bioshock would never come to the ps3, final fantasy 13 is ps3 exclusive, valve hates the ps3 yet it still got a port of the orange box, EA seem to love the ps3 lately, yoda wont be available on the ps3 in SC4 EVER, and a whole bunch of other crap that has been said this gen, how do YOU know l4d isnt coming out on the ps3.

I mean come on. As a games journalist, you do understand the concept of a "Timed exclusive" right? and the fact it means they HAVE to deny the game is coming out on another console? Why should your word convince me more than the devs? Seriously... AND WHY DO YOU CARE THAT WE THINK ITS A TIMED EXCLUSIVE?????

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