nVidia's $3,500 Video Card is a Beast!

Binge Gamer writes: "I am a huge PC gamer. I don't necessarily have the most powerful rig to run the latest and greatest games with all the bells and whistles turned on, but it serves me just fine. However, there are some of you who will stop at nothing to have the ultimate gaming PC. For those people I present to you…

..the nVidia Quadro FX 5800."

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Ghoul3629d ago

It's a CGI card, you wont even get to play games since its drivers are not gaming conform.

Go ahead shell out 3.5k for a render card. nexttime learn something before you make a claim. buy a 4570 or gt260.

SaiyanFury3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

This is a card that is meant for CGI modeling and rendering. Not an average video card that a typical PC gamer would buy. ATi also has a similar card that costs a huge amount. If you're rendering wireframe and other high end graphical applications then I'm sure this one is fine. As an average PC gamer I have a 9800GTX clocked the same as a GTX+, and I'm happy with it. Only CG rendering cards are this expensive.

JsonHenry3628d ago

Thank God someone else knows what the Quadro line is besides me. Before all of the console only kids started complaining about PC gaming prices (because their HDTVs were so cheap, right?) and let them know this is NOT a gaming card. This is heavily CAD/CGI workstation stuff here. Not for gaming.

mabreu3628d ago

Bingegamer are a bunch of kids that think a video card that cost $3,500 means that it will blow Crysis out of the water.

Bunch of noobs.

Tempist3628d ago

Since the Quadro FX 5800 is based on the G200 chips, it technically does kick around crysis a little. The G200s do handle Crysis just fine with moderate tweaking. Hell my stock PC with a 260 didn't get any low frame rates.

DoctorBonzai3628d ago

It's just a joke article.

himdeel3628d ago

...but can you imagine how good those graphics should or would look if there was such a thing as a $3500 video card. The following is what I'd expect...

SketchCA3628d ago

At that price it should make its own [email protected] games! That is fVckin crazy! And they wonder why people prefer consoles!

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labwarrior3629d ago

What good is updrading, when for 199$ you can play the best games on a xbox 360 ?

Xwow20083629d ago

ps3 and high end PCs are the beasts.

Bolts3629d ago

What good is the Xbox when it's best games play best on the PC?

thereapersson3629d ago

That is the best response to someone like this. Bubbles for you.

Foxgod3628d ago

Right...... A PS3 cant even be compared to a high end pc.
An I7 with 6 ~ 12 GB DDR3 and a GF 280 XT completely destroys any console out there.

Otherwise everyone would have pc's with cells in them now.

DoctorBonzai3628d ago

It also completely destroys my wallet. ;)

nycredude3628d ago

This article is joking about the price of a video card. Damn no one has a sense of humor here.

And how much does that pc runs you $5,000 to $10,000?? Can it run Killzone 2, God of War 3, Uncharted 2?? Hmmm.

souljah3628d ago

best games ? r u on crack ?

The Matrix3628d ago

You can buy an alienware for that much.

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dexterwang3629d ago

FYI- quadro line is specially designed for 3D-rendering, which can often take up the whole day, therefore its not the fastest gaming card, just simply the fastest frame by frame 3D rendering card.

y0haN3629d ago

Quadro is designed for accuracy over speed, but it's still quite fast. Get yourself a cheap 8800GT or HD 4850 if you want a cheap, good card.

griff23628d ago

Actually, and this is my opinion, the PS3 is built to blade standard (some Linux vendors are actually selling PS3 clusters) well above any so called "high end" winbox.

LoneGun3629d ago

Quadros cards are based on existing Nvidia video cards. The differences are its drivers and some minor hardware differences that makes it support OpenGL and other 3D rendering software. This card will actually run slower in many games than the same graphic card that it's based on. So forget it, this card is not for gaming.

theEnemy3629d ago

The Quadro FX cards are design to target the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) audience. CAD and DCC applications do not require the insane ‘fill rate’ capabilities of the GeForce line of graphics cards, targeted at consume video games. The Quadro’s cater to true color reproduction, extremely high resolution imaging and rendering, extreme floating point calculations, the list goes on. All the features most required in industries where precision rather than speed is of the highest importance.

With that being said – NO, this card will not play Crysis or Far Cry 2 any better than what you currently have, it will actually play it worse.

Bolts3629d ago

Agree. This article is dumb as hell.

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