Agony spin-off Succubus presents the Cherub in New Trailer

From GameWatcher: "Succubus is the title of the upcoming spin-off to Agony, a first-person horror adventure game that takes you on a literal walk through hell. Its latest teaser trailer presents the Cherub, an all-new enemy type that will be prominently featured in Succubus.

Good folk from Madmind Studio have gone and added the Cherub to Agony as well in a free update for the game. If you play Agony now, you will come across Cherubs every once in a while, which is sure to provide a different gameplay experience in some levels."

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VTKC1463d ago

Wait a minute. Wasnt that game terrible? I doubt anyone is going to fall for it a second time.

NarutoFox1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Yes the first game was terrible. Hopefully the spinoff is better

baabuska1463d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath.

NiteX1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Really wondering how they got the money to make another one of these... Shame they didn't try to make these games more like Hexen or something at least fun. Seems like they just want them to be nothing but shock value.

mogwaii1463d ago

It's such a shame the game apparently turned out to be trash cause it had some great looking visuals (in the original reveals anyway) and awesome fucked up looking scenery.

REDGUM1463d ago

I could be wrong but this short video shows or says nothing about a spin off game but merely says that this new demon can now be seen in all of the levels of the game.
Or am i wrong?


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Simon_the_sorcerer1097d ago

I really enjoyed this interview, so thanks for making this one happen!

TGG_overlord1097d ago

Thank you =) And I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the interview ;) I got more interviews coming up shortly!

TGG_overlord1097d ago

I'm really glad to hear it :3

CrimsonWing691097d ago

Hey, i'll give the game a shot. I'm definitely into supporting games that push the envelope.

TGG_overlord1097d ago

Very much so, and I hope that you will enjoy the game if you give it a chance ;)