PS5’s SSD Will Make It Easier to Focus on What Is Most Fun, Says Tamarin Developer

Chameleon Games studio head Omar Sawi is looking forward to not being restricted by hardware limited with next gen consoles.

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ElementX28d ago

There have been enough articles about SSDs

blackblades28d ago

Yeah it's like deja vu, gamingbolt needs to stop.

27d ago
kernel27d ago

Its like ps4 and 8gb ram all over again.

Flewid63827d ago

Which is a good thing. It isn't the GPU that's bottlenecking devs right now.

nismo37027d ago


OneEyedSteve27d ago

What would be funny is if it turns out to be an SSHD.

kernel27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It wont, by 2020 and going SSD will likely be cheaper than HHD or SSHD. The entire industry is moving to solid state storage and prices are already dropping fast.

FlyingFoxy27d ago

Well we don't know that for sure, pure capacity then HDD is decently cheaper at the moment. You can get lesser known brand SSD's cheaper than well known brands like Crucial and Samsung, they can be reliable even if not as well known, just make sure the specs are good and it has a decent TBW rating. As long as you have a few year warranty minimum it should be fine.

I personally would rather get a more known brand SSD, they usually don't cost that much more than a cheaper one.

The consoles might use an SSHD but who knows if they will. Pure SSD is better, then again MS & Sony might have made a good deal with the particular manufacturer to get more storage for the money. NAND prices have been falling a lot lately, so you can get parts (SSD, RAM) quite a bit cheaper than around 2 years ago. And they are also charted to drop a bit more yet.

kernel27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Yes we know for sure, most people who follow pc hardware know what I just said to be true. There is no way in hell the next consoles are using sshd, do you think they will have factories dedicated to making them just for consoles? Everything is going ssd, and it would be expensive and pointless to keep making sshd. It’s already getting hard to find a laptop with anything but ssd, and it’s only 2019.

Look at the trends, and understand why this is happening and you will have your answer.

kernel27d ago

How much money do websites get by peddling this pr statement? It reminds me of the ps4 and its ram, marketing team just latches onto something simple and hammers on it. Mind you I think ps5 will be great, Im just annoyed by these types of articles.

Rude-ro27d ago

As where I agree with you..,
This is gamingbolt not Sony.

They will take an article and write 10 articles on it Ie not pr or marketing,

Eonjay27d ago

It's about clickbait ad revenue for them. Nothing else

kernel27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It’s both. Media reports how the companies who actually pay them money want them too. The best evidence is when gamespot fired Jeff gertsman, if it wasn’t already obvious.

WireMucks27d ago

I guess no one visits Gamingbolt, since they are a bunch of fakers,.. And release the same article every day,.. Maybe if you wrote something clever once in a while you would get some hits,.. Seams Gamingbolt is run by people who have less knowledge about gaming industry, than an average gamer.

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The story is too old to be commented.