PlayStation Joins Forces with the United Nations to Combat Climate Change

“Playing for the Planet” brings together industry leaders to work towards sustainability goals.

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Jin_Sakai401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Awesome! That’s an incredibly low power consumption for suspend mode on PS5.

“I am also very pleased to announce the next generation PlayStation console will include the possibility to suspend gameplay with much lower power consumption than PS4 (which we estimate can be achieved at around 0.5 W). If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes.“

“ From an operations point of view, we will complete a carbon footprint assessment of our gaming services and will report the energy efficiency measures we employ at our data centers. We are committed to informing consumers of energy efficient console set-up and use.”

UltraNova401d ago

I wonder if MS follows suit if they'll disclose those energy efficiency numbers...

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neomahi401d ago

Why is PlayStation becoming so political? It trickles to their studios, Naughty Dog has become the same. Can't I just play the games I wanna play?

-Foxtrot401d ago

Yeah what complete arseholes for wanting to save the planet /s

SamPao401d ago

dude, THE WHOLE WORLD is political, YOUR LIFECHOICES are political. Stop pretendint things can live in a political vacuum.

pwnmaster3000401d ago

Yeah with the rising population of earth which leads to more power consumption, it’s not a bad feature bro. What ever your believes are in politics, I feel like everyone can agree they want the earth to be healthier.

Brave_Losers_Unite401d ago

You are making it political snowflake

BlaqMagiq1401d ago

Wanting to help the planet is political now? You have some pretty dumb logic going on there. You should probably try reading the article and seeing why this is a GOOD thing.

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BrainSyphoned401d ago

So don’t ship PS5 overseas, stop wasting the planets resources on hobbies. No games, cars, burgers or children. Just sit with a preowned book and eat your veggie burger while you contemplate why you are alive.