Kid Link Is A Better Hero Than Adult Link

The Legend of Zelda has seen Link take on many forms, but one version of him makes for the best stories.

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PhoenixUp27d ago

When has Link ever been portrayed as an adult? He’s only ever been shown as a teenager at his oldest incarnation

Adult Link is as misleading a description as Teen Gohan

Neonridr27d ago

I believe the oldest he has ever been confirmed to be was around 17. So not quite an adult but I would argue that's close enough.

DaDrunkenJester27d ago

that would not fly in court... :P

Neonridr27d ago

@DaDrunkenJester - lol, you are quite true there.

NiteX27d ago

You know what they were trying to say. Just call him "teen Link" in your head.

rockwhynot26d ago

I think Skyward Sword Link was 19. But his OoT design will always be my fav because he actually looks masculine there and not like some skinny fairy boy.