The Video Game Industry Needs to Stop Tricking its Consumers

The video game industry keeps reeling customers in with lies and it's about time that changed.

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TheOptimist27d ago

More like the consumers need to stop getting tricked. You can only make a fool out of fools.

ArchangelMike26d ago

I think the gamers are also to blame for the current culture as well. If we didn't blindly swallow everything that is drip fed to us from publishers, without question or criticism. Sure there are the vocal minority (usually the older gamers among us) who try to be the voice of experience, but you have the masses of 'casual' gamers who like lemmings flock to the latest shiny thing - even with it's blatantly exploiting the very same gamer.

It started with paid DLC, then season passes, then micro-transactions, now GaaS, in alot of cases all are included within the same game. It won't stop there either, I'm sure next gen will see new types of subscription models that further carve out and parcel games into smaller and smaller chunks to be sold at even higher premiums. It's intertesting that Take-Two CEO says that we won't see development cost go up next gen - but I'm sure over all game prices will still go up, and the excuse will be "because development costs..."

UltraNova26d ago

I'm afraid the day microtransactions/GaaS overtook actual game sales revenue was the day Publishers tasted blood. There's no stopping them now no matter how much we "older" gamers shout from the rooftops...

Juusterey26d ago

Maybe the gamers need to stop being tricked

26d ago
Relientk7726d ago

Cough EA, Activision, and 2K cough