Shenmue 3 Refund Refused to Backers Who Switched From PC to PS4

Ys Net is refusing Shenmue 3 refund to backers who switched to PS4 from PC following the announcement of Epic Store exclusivity.

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StormLegend29d ago

This horrible animated game needs to be cancelled. It's one thing to have a bad game but it's a Bigger problem when you can't release it after 3-4 years and keeping it exclusive to a store.

harmny29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Your post is all over the place. You start by critizicing the animations. Then you call it bad. Then you say it's taking too long. And then you criticize the epic store exclusivity. And none of those things have to do with the actual topic of the news

So what's your problem? The animations? The development time? the overall quality or the EGS exclusivity?

Sounds like it's not your type of game buddy

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

Sounds like his problem is all of the above. This game has been a mess from the beginning and even fans of Shenmue like myself are a bit disappointed that the character models and animations still look like an OG Xbox game.

Juusterey29d ago

"how can you have more than one complaint about a game?"

SegaGamer29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


People like yourself are just looking for negatives. Nothing is going to be perfect for a budget game like this one, you ain't going to get AAA quality. Instead of focusing on that one negative, how about looking at the positives? or are you one of these people that see's one negative and can't see past it?

And the whole "it looks like an OG Xbox game" is such a load of pathetic rubbish. It looks nothing like games from that era. Character models, animations, and graphics overall look janky compared to games being made on modern game engines.

calderra12329d ago

> "Budget game"
> Had already secured funding before the Kickstarter.
> Got millions of additional dollars from Kickstarter and preorders.
> Still not holding the company to account.
Fanboy harder.

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zodiac90929d ago

LOL you must be a big fan of Square Enix track record of releasing games in a timely manor.

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badz14929d ago

this is one of those occasions that make you really hate EGS!

CrimsonWing6929d ago

Can we play it before we cry out for the cancellation!? Geezus Christ it’s not like the originals have the greatest animations on the face of the freaking planet.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

Exactly why it's a shame they still look like the originals... when it's been how long?

rainslacker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

If a person was OK with getting it on PS4, why go for a refund now?

It seems like people are trying to make 100 different ways to rectify their situation, and expect the publisher to cater to whatever they may come up with at any given time. It would become a complete mess and logistical nightmare trying to keep all these solutions straight.

Further, while it's nice to think that KickStarter refunds should be a thing, they are exceedingly rare, and realistically, it opens the door for people to start demanding refunds for every perceived wrong doing during the production of a game. The fact they're getting any kind of refund, even with stipulations attached, is quite remarkable in itself. No judgement on if that's right or wrong, but the only thing the publisher is really required to give to PC backers, is a PC version of the game. They haven't taken that away, just some people won't accept that PC version now. They backed a PC version of the game, not a Steam release of the game.

Maybe they could just cancel the game as you suggest. All those cancelled KS games are known for offering refunds in the past right? Sounds like a good plan to me. Let the publisher lose many millions of dollars, the dev not get to realize what he's been trying to get done for so long, just to satisfy a small portion of vocal people who want to complain that they can't download the game on Steam. Makes sense to me.

Segata29d ago

So much stupid in one post.

CobraKai29d ago

How do you know it’s a bad game?

PlatinumKing198229d ago

Speak for yourself. Just go and play something shite you like insted. Im well looking forward for this. And will be my game of the year easy, as ive waited 18 years for this.

Dirty_Lemons29d ago

Deadly Premonition. Terrible animation, mediocre graphics, limited sound effects and music, completely awesome.

Each to their own but a 'store' wouldn't be a deal breaker when it's free to install anyway.

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Battlestar2329d ago

Glad i am going with the PS4 version to begin with this game is going to be fun.

Tech529d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I personally can't wait to mod this game. some 300,000 textures were enhanced for Shenmue 1 and 2.

bishup2529d ago

we don't even know what settings the pc version will come with.
MODs however sound interesting for this. it would fun to see the type of direction they take it.

Juusterey29d ago

Not you can play a crappy outdated game
IN HD!!!

awdevoftw29d ago

Cant wait for this game. Hate all you want, I am glad this is coming!

talocaca29d ago

I backed this game mostly because I really wanted to see it made.....however the rollout has been a bit of a mess and not sure what the final quality will be.

Still, paying $30 to give them a chance sounds appropriate 🤷‍♂️

rainslacker29d ago

I don't think all this publishing hubbub will have any affect on the development of the game.

The PC release is a bit of a mess. Seems like there are many different solutions that people are saying need to be offered, and then getting upset when the pub doesn't do it. They've been pretty accommodating compared to other instances of botched or cancelled releases on games from KS. I think people don't realize that YsNet put a lot more into the production of this game than all the backers did collectively. Not that backers shouldn't look out for themselves, but that the KS was done to gauge interest in the game being made in the first place. If people wanted a Steam version, they shouldn't have assumed it was going to be on Steam when they backed the game IMO, because that detail wasn't made until after the KS ended.

I'll get my version on PS4, and get what I paid for. The people on PC who don't request refunds, or have it changed to PS4, will get what they paid for as well. A PC version of the game.

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