Link’s Awakening for the Switch is great. I guess.

The new addition to the Zelda fam, Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch, checks aaaalllll the boxes to be a great game. But… that’s kind of where the problem with Link’s Awakening arises...

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Welshy29d ago

I think releasing a Crash/Spyro style remake from the ground first was probably for the best. It can be weird trying to release a direct sequel to a game so many years later on significantly more powerful hardware.

By remaking the original it hits everyone with the nostalgia feels and gives you sales numbers to work with to give you tangible stats to work this to gauge how popular a sequel might be.

Plus it's just nice to see your favourite old games looking like you remember them, and should a sequel come out you can have both 1 & 2 in your collection on the same system.

NecrumOddBoy29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Link's Awakening is a good pick to remaster since many people have never played it on GB or GBC with DX. This is just how I remember it but polished with that cutesie Nintendo charm. After beating it (in around 10+ hours) and collecting everything outside the Chamber Dungeons, I have to say this should have never been $60. It's a good remake visually, but it is still the same game in 1993/1998 respectfully. The Chamber Dungeon is NOT the Zelda Maker people might be hoping for and is required now for 100% completion (but gives you no final reward worth seeking). Also, the game feels even easier than I remember it. I didn't die once and I was recklessly blowing through it. The controls are decent, but I would have allowed all 4 face buttons to map because I would have preferred Y-Slash, B-Jump personally. There is incredible slowdown with the grass physics here taxing the system. I am talking around 10 frames at times which is bizarre. Overall it is a faithful recreation and for someone who didn't play it back in the day, it's well worth it in the end. I can afford forking out $60, but this is the most expensive remake of any classic game modernized, so it's a bit ridiculous there. The 2.5D sections are still great and it goes to show that this Zelda title specifically is one of the most creative of the series.

For a fan who 100%'d the two previous version, it's still a 9/10. Grading the game just on it's technical merits and overall value, it's a low 8. Definitely worth picking up though!

SegaSaturn66929d ago

I found that the sword hitboxes were more forgiving (faster execution), but the horrible Analog made jumps awkward.

EddieNX 29d ago

Its brilliant but not perfect. 8-9/10

Neonridr29d ago

I'd disagree. I've logged about 3 hours into the game so far and it's truly amazing. God it feels so good to play this style of game and I haven't felt like this since playing Link Between Worlds. Something about this style that just invokes pure fun and enjoyment. I get that it's a remake of an older game, but there's a fair bit of content and it's been completely re-done. Kudos to the devs who put so much passion into this project.

But I can see why it wouldn't be worth it to everyone

Vegamyster29d ago

The top down Zelda games will always be my favorite, aside from the odd one i never really got into the 3D games, this makes me hope they remake the Oracle games or come out with another top down game.

gleepot29d ago

I happily paid $60 for the quality experience I had. Just beat it on normal and will be starting a hero mode file this week. The game is fantastic.

TheHateTheyGive28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

All switch has are indie games while the console have. Call of duty, Borderlands 3, NASCAR Heat 4 , nhl 20, need for speed, The Surge 2, WWE 2K20 and many other real 3rd party games that switch the little handheld that could cant run without pressing the games down to last gen graphics.

King_Noctis28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Unless the game have microtransaction and lootboxes then it won’t be $60 great.

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Zayne-Z6629d ago

I think the author may be underestimating how many people are playing Link's Awakening for the first time. For me, this is a totally new experience, and I am really enjoying the classic design of the game. There is also the fact this was developed alongside Grezzo, so it was not a full "A Team" project that consumed significant internal resources. Given their last title was Tri Force Heroes, I think this was the perfect project for them to undertake alongside EPD.

gamer780429d ago

its good, but nothing groundbreaker, if you've played other top down Zelda games this is more of the same, not a bad thing, kinda like borderlands 3 if you like previous top down Zelda's, you'll like this.

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