Why You Shouldn't Pre-Order Your Games

Nick writes: "Don't pre-order. It's weird. It's illogical, and it encourages ugly business practices."

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ziggurcat29d ago

"Don't pre-order ... it encourages ugly business practices."

no it doesn't. that's a myth.

ilikestuff29d ago

I prefer purchasing my merchandise from a third party on the day of release, sometimes I try to find a forth party, that’s when you really start to see savings

ziggurcat29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

ain't nothing wrong with that!

indysurfn28d ago

I don't like feeding a monster as much as anyone. I am cynical as much as the next guy (see me get on my MT soap box about EA and my digital soap box). But this I dont agree with. Especially if you order from Gamestop(okay I cant believe I said something nice about them) but at least they actually order the amount of copies they take pre orders for. To my surprise years ago, best er...frys ....many more dont actually have a copy coming to them from the manufacturer for every pre order. gamestop will actually stop taking pre orders based out how many they have guaranteed and how many they have sold.

In fact they have become so good at it, that they can predict when they will run out, while accounting for the increase do to them warning people of them running out. If you really want a game that is coming out day one bad I would get from them. Anything else I can get from somewhere else with my store credits or discount cards.

that reminds me, first thing in the morning I am going to order trails of cold steel 3 before it runs out. LOL

rainslacker28d ago

The ugly business practices would exist regardless. It would be better to say don't buy the game at all if it has things you don't like, pre-order or not.

JackBNimble28d ago

I think the biggest problem is to many broken unfinished AAA games that have been released this gen .
Sure they get patched but that shouldn't excuse any developers from releasing games in a broken state.

ziggurcat28d ago


Pre-ordering isn't the cause of those games releasing in a broken state, though. Devs don't stop working once they reach X amount of pre-orders.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that largely due to unrealistic deadlines imposed by the publishers, devs have to close a lot of bugs as known shippable because there's simply not enough time for them to fix everything. If you want to blame anyone, blame the publishers, not the people pre-ordering.

SegaGamer29d ago

Shenmue 1 and 2 was the only exception I made when it came to pre-ordering, and it was a mess on release. This is why I don't like to pre-order or buy on day one. It always feels like we are being used as beta testers.

rainslacker28d ago

I don't mind for games I know I'll want. Pre-ordering means I don't have to try so hard to keep up with releases. Buy them on Amazon, then they just send them to me. Some of the games I like go with almost no fanfare on release, and they're easy to miss. Bigger games, I'll usually only pre-order if I know they're one's I'll get regardless, and it's rare when I am burned by them...mostly because I don't tend to gravitate towards the games where the bad business practices exist, or are broken on day one, and the devs/pubs tend to have a good track record with their releases. It's usually only the mega-popular games that get rushed to meet deadlines that have the problems that make a game not worth buying on day one. Other games may have minor bugs, but nothing that prevents you from playing them, outside rare occassions.

AspiringProGenji29d ago

I’m a simple mam

I see Naughty Dog Game
In preorder

SickSinceSix29d ago

Preorder a fighting game I'm going to buy anyway and get an extra character because I preordered, or buy it on day one or later and have to pay an extra $5.99+ for the extra character.
That's the reality of a lot of games these days. Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat 11, Eliza in Tekken 7, Darkseid in Injustice 2 etc

A couple of guns or weapon skins, or a different colored shield in a game is something I can live without, but when the preorder bonus is a playable character that's different for me. It's still a shitty business practice though, imo

Blu3_Berry29d ago

I preorder a game when I know I will like it.

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