MyGEN: NHL 09 Review

With the addition of be a pro, the new replay system and of course the new animation system, NHL 09 has made a huge comeback and solidified its position as one of the best 09 sports titles released so far. In terms of game play NHL 09 has hit the nail on the head, with the referees finally giving some leniency for calls and allowing some off puck pushing and shoving to take play without having a call for roughing or interference every time you do something off the puck.

NHL 09 also caters for the people who want to show off their skills online, with the replay system you can easily create screenshots or videos and upload them to EA and show off your skills online with the EA Sports Hockey League. If you are a hockey fan, or want to see what the buzz is about, NHL 09 is definitely the game to check out this year.

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