Naughty Dog shares another The Last of Us Part II teaser

Naughty Dog on Twitter: “They should be terrified of you”

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ArchangelMike27d ago

So I'm guessing Dinah dies, and Ellie goes on a rampage of revenge. In the process she discovers that her mother is actually still alive, and Joel come clean that he lied to her. Actually scrap that last part, I don't think Joel would ever come clean about that, it's just way too far gone now.

*sigh* I cant wait for this game...

ninsigma27d ago

I think revealing Joels secret would be good in a possible 3rd game. Doing it now would possibly make the 2nd game revolve around the first too much so instead just ignoring it for now will allow it to be its own thing with its own story.

UltraNova27d ago

Why ignore the first? I'd argue they'd better base story twists based on events that transpired during the 1st game. The 3rd one should/could be about doing things fresh

Juusterey27d ago

Well it's a part 2
not a number 2
so i feel like it's supposed to be treated as one story

VenomUK27d ago

In these little twitter teases it's the floating bits of virus infecting the air that really getting me hyped for the Last of Us part II.

sprinterboy27d ago

There won't be a third gane

ninsigma27d ago

"Why ignore the first?"
For me mainly because the first ended so well I didn't think we needed another game so I'd prefer to not be hung up on that for the 2nd game.

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sprinterboy27d ago

Not necessarily, she could have given the bracelet as a gift or maybe to hold onto until she returns from a mission?

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HeisenbergX27d ago

Ughh no this reminds me of thath cringy E3 trailer they released .. just show us the game already ND come on and drop that release date

BlaqMagiq127d ago

The next masterpiece is coming

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