Greenberg 'Pleasantly Surprised' by How Much Innovation & Content Is Coming from the New Studios

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg did a tour of the newly acquired development studios and was pleasantly surprised by the innovation and content he saw in the unannounced projects.

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ccgr27d ago

Can't wait to see what they produce!

lxeasy27d ago

Hell yeah, I'm going to keep my expectations undercontroll for XO19 but they will be much higher for the Xbox Scarlet reveal.

Kingthrash36027d ago

I remember when he said the same about state of decay 2.
People gotta understand that it's his job to be positive and say what gamers want to hear.
Same goes for shu yoshida with playstation or any business for that matter.
The translation here is, "we have no upcoming big time games please don't cancel your subscriptions just yet....keep paying us and wait for these games that you may or may not like and then continue to pay us after that when I say the same thing over again."

RizBiz27d ago

Isn't it disappointing as an XBox fan living in a perpetual state of only looking to the next generation?

ChristopherJack27d ago

I'm actually playing State of Decay 2 right now & while there's a bit of a learning curb & still many bugs/glitches, I'm still enjoying it. Wish there were more defencive/barricade options though, as well as more crafting freedom in general. Maybe something between that & FO4 settlement system would be nice.

denawayne27d ago

Isn't it disappointing as a Playstation fan living in a perpetual state of only being in Xbox articles?

DuckOnQuack3527d ago

Uhm State of Decay 2 is an amazing game. Have you ever even played it?

CoinOrc27d ago

Isn't it disappointing as an xbox fan to see so few exclusives this generation?

343_Guilty_Spark26d ago


No but it' sure is nauseating hearing the same tired line, like the only quality games available are exclusives.

The Wood26d ago

'No but it' sure is nauseating hearing the same tired line, like the only quality games available are exclusives.'

. . . . . . . . .said no one ever.

You guys should direct your angst towards the company who give less than the people highlighting said company's obvious frailties.

indysurfn26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

ahhh you guys just wait HALO 5....err I mean the I mean Scale I mean ALL THESE studios that have not made AAA games will make AAA games and save Microsoft.

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SyntheticForm27d ago

It's nice that he's happy, but it doesn't give me much confidence. Although Aaron Greenberg is simply doing his job, he's overestimated things in the past.

That said, I'm still curious as to the goings on at these studios. Every gamer should be at least curious.

ThoedEssay77327d ago

I'm looking forward to The Outer Worlds.

SyntheticForm26d ago

Yeah I'm looking forward to TOW too.

Looks like it's gonna be a fun one.

HentaiElmo27d ago

🤯 Greenberg’s out of the cave he’s been hiding this gen.
I hope he is right and not just talk and air like he was last gen.
If he is right I’ll be excited after I see what’s coming from the new studios

Obscure_Observer27d ago

They´re talent people. With Microsoft monetary resources and Xbox Studios sharing technology among themselves, i can see great games comming. :)

27d ago
Welshy27d ago

Say he's impressed or happy with them as opposed to being surprised as though he expected them to be garbage or something?

Welshy27d ago

I hope so too. I'd like to see a really competitive generation for PS5/Scarlett like the PS3/360.

Luckily Sony didn't get too complacent this gen and put out amazing titles despite basically having a monopoly this gen when they could have easily gotten lazy.

Strong competition just means the platforms will push each other and we'll all have more and better games to play from it.

Srhalo27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

What PlayStation generation did Sony not have good games?

Sony doesn't need Microsoft to know to make good games.

Welshy27d ago

I didn't say they ever didn't make great games. I was just saying I'm glad they keep a high standard even when miles ahead where I don't necessarily trust that other companies would do the same.

360 dropped the ball hard in the 2nd half of last gen, I just wouldn't like to see it too 1 sided for too long and run the risk of that maybe happening to Sony.

The most competitive era's of gaming over the years produced some of the greatest games of all time, I spend most of my time on Playstation platforms, but a little competition never hurt anyone.

Sitdown27d ago


My gosh, reading comprehension. How did you even reach that conclusion getting that innocent post?

YodaCracker27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


You say Microsoft dropped the ball during the second half of the 360’s life, yet by far the console’s highest sales were during that time, particularly after Kinect’s launch. That peripheral boosted sales like crazy. The Xbox One was actually selling better than the 360 did for its first few years.

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Thundercat7727d ago

I wonder why those games haven't come before.

xX-oldboy-Xx27d ago

Obscure - HAHAHA - they've always had money, Sony paved the way for others on how you enter the console market. And they've still failed on numerous occasions.

Greenberg should've left when Mattrick did, he's a dinosaur full of hit air and inflated expectations. How any can take him seriously is beyond me, just shows the I intelligence of those who listen to him.

Obscure_Observer27d ago


"Obscure - HAHAHA - they've always had money, Sony paved the way for others on how you enter the console market."

Microsoft has never invested so much money in gaming as they are doing now with Xbox under Spencer and Microsoft under Nadella! This is a fact! No sure why you brought Sony into this, but whatever.

"Greenberg should've left when Mattrick did, he's a dinosaur full of hit air and inflated expectations."

I don´t like Greenberg myself and i agree, he´s full of it. That´s why i was talking specifically about the talented people working on Xbox Studios and its projects.

xX-oldboy-Xx27d ago

ms and Greenberg have constantly overhyped their product. I brought Sony into this because ms had to do was follow the roadmap laid out by Sony.

They had the money, they've always had the money. Only now 3 gens into their console foray they've worked out they need to invest in new games.

Give me a break their hands been forced, I can tell you right now they really didn't want to. There's no guarantee they'll get a return on their investment.

They've just stopped announcing monthly usage, don't reveal sales numbers - they are hemorrhaging. A desperate company.

If gamepass fails to fool enough of you, lights out. The shareholders won't want to keep propping up xbox.

Obscure_Observer27d ago


"If gamepass fails to fool enough of you, lights out."

Lol. Forget it, dude. Xbox isn´t going nowhere and Gamepass is a HUGE SUCCESS! High quality games for almost nothing helping me save money for some PS4 exclusives like TLOU 2, Ghost of Tsushima and both of my upcoming PS5 and Scarlett consoles. Not bad. Not bad at all! :)

xX-oldboy-Xx27d ago

You lost me at high quality games, those words aren't associated with ms

Their output has and will continue to be sub par compared to the games offered elsewhere.

Why do you think gamepass is so important to them? Does Sony push PSNow like it's the second coming?

Sales mean nothing to them, only sub numbers. The goal posts have moved, they're changing the metric to an immeasurable one.

You don't see a problem with that?

It really is getting embarrassing.

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Smitty202026d ago

You will prob see great games when near the end of next gens life cycle

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DaDrunkenJester27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Obsidian posted on LinkedIn just the other day they are hiring even more people for a high profile AAA first person melee and ranged combat RPG using the unreal engine 4 with a full day/night cycle.

Obviously going to be a few years in the making, but that confirms at the very least 2 brand new next gen RPG IP's.

Unlike this gen, we will be seeing a lot more new IP's coming from MS next gen. Will they be good? That, we will have to wait and see, but it's at least promising to hear

ThoedEssay77327d ago

xX-oldboy-Xx Who are you calling a fool?

Atom66626d ago

Obsidian seems hell bent on taking on Bethesda, and I love it. Sounds like they'll have their Fallout competitor with Outer Worlds along with an Elder Scrolls competitor.

DaDrunkenJester26d ago

The Elder Scrolls is in my top 5 favorite franchise back when I played Daggerfall. I love it despite its issues. But Bethesda has been very lazy lately and each new TES has gotten less and less focus on good RPG gameplay.

I'm okay with Obsidian taking them out. Especially if they can nail down better melee combat.

Atom66626d ago

Check out Greedfall yet? Looks right up that same alley.

DaDrunkenJester26d ago

Yessir! However it feels more like a Bioware game then Bethesda. Reminds me a lot of the original Dragon Age

XiNatsuDragnel27d ago

I'm excited to see this, don't disappoint 😀

THC CELL27d ago

This guy again he gets hyped over donuts too

russo12127d ago

All you do is wait for indefinitely. I don't believe this Greenberg.

Obscure_Observer27d ago


"I don't believe this Greenberg."

The excitement over Xbox Studios and its new studios/games has nothing to do with Greenberg.

THC CELL27d ago

Try a sugarglaze donut hamburger, don't knock till you try