New Mirror's Edge Gameplay and Stunts Montage Video

GCHD has released a new video of Mirror's Edge just days before its release. This shows off Faith's ability to execute awesome stunts, acrobatics, and in-air takedowns. There are also a few levels not previously seen before on display in this video. A must see for anyone interested in this highly-anticipated title.

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lamplight3628d ago

Awesome video. Can't wait until tomorrow.

n4gzz3628d ago

this fresh ip game looks very good. How the f* some reviewer rated 6 for this!! It can get 0 all i care but I am buying it on first day.

kngtube53628d ago

what is the name of the song in this video its awesome!!

Peppy la Moca3628d ago

"Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky for the vocal version and "Shine" by Alcorus for instrumental version.

ITK53628d ago

You can get the music download from this fansite:

ps: I got up early this morning to try and beat my time on the Trial version, i am HYPED for this game.

running rampid3628d ago

awesome video, awesome game. definite purchase for me.

3628d ago