Borderlands 3 Probably Won’t Get Additional Characters Because Players Tend to Stick to Their Mains

Gearbox Software's Paul Sage has told fans not to expect Borderlands 3 DLC characters because players tend to stick to their mains.

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rainslacker28d ago

I think additional characters can let people play in a new way. I've played through borderlands a few times, to various levels of completion, because the game play is varied enough between the different characters that it can feel fresh. The difference between an assassin and a gunzerker is pretty big in terms of game play. Balance is sometimes an issue, like the assassin is harder to play on harder difficulties, but can present it's own challenge.

27d ago
Reibooi27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I think his logic here is kinda silly. I personally only dabbled with the Siren before Gaige the Mechomancer came out and from than on Gaige was my main. I found her game play much more fun and challenging despite her obvious flaws and weaknesses. I think there will be someone for me to play and enjoy DLC or not when I finally get around to player BL3 but still the excuse here is really flimsy.

ilikestuff27d ago

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, first maybe fix all the glitches, slow texture loading, and frame rate problems. I love this game, fix the crap though, please

vallencer27d ago

For me if they're not adding new characters I really hope they add new skill trees then to the existing ones. But I enjoyed kreig and gaige so to see no new characters is kind of a bummer.

rainslacker27d ago

I'd be for new characters. I haven't gotten around to BL3 yet though, so I am not in any rush for them to do it. I'm not even sure if when they get around to releasing them if I'll still be heavily engaged in the game given the way I play games.

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XiNatsuDragnel28d ago

Lmao kind of a pathetic reason why tbh

CP_Company27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

for me, personally, i want more content more than new characters, because how many times you can play through the campaign? 1? 2? to grind the same missions? i will better get more content and enjoy it, i will better spend the time go through all the levels slowing, enjoy everything, and some grinding for better gear to develop my main character.

on the other hand, they are big studio, they have the power to work on content and characters in the same time of frame.

Spurg27d ago

I stick to my main because I have invested a lot of hrs in that character. If they let me swap in another character but keep my level then more characters would be welcomed.

-Foxtrot27d ago

I can see the point here to be honest, we're coming to the 4th game next (5th if you count the Pre Sequel) I'd rather they keep the best most original classes/designs for the new games then DLC.


They could always rework some of the previous hunters.

-Foxtrot27d ago

I want old hunters playable but considering the fact they are lazy with having original dialogue with each NPC character resorting to the same old generic responses it would be weird to have playable characters with different histories with the people you meet yet have the same responses

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The story is too old to be commented.