PlatinumGames on Astral Chain - origins, Kamiya involvement, how Legions changed during development

Famitsu recently published an interview with Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura and supervisor Hideki Kamiya with a lot of information about development and more.

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Mopedgames1756d ago

I'm glad this game did well, Platimun is the type of studio I want to see succeed.

isarai1756d ago

Same, can't wait to see BABYLON’S FALL

Venoxn4g1755d ago

one of my favourite developers ever..i hope they will keep getting recognition they deserve

1755d ago
haku1755d ago

This was already posted nearly a month ago, plus the new post doesn't even cover the entire interview.

Nyxus1755d ago

"Katsura’s female butt designs are popular with fans, but Kamiya says he would’ve put a good butt in the game whether Katsura designed one or not because it’s Platinum’s destiny to show off a good butt."

Some things are non-negotiable. :P

AK911755d ago

Well Kamiya is absolutely right but remember that it's not soley a female thing remember Mad World?

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