GameSpy: Quantum of Solace Review

In fact, next-gen consoles might be a mixed blessing for the Bond franchise. The temptation is to make sure that the environments and models match the movies as closely as possible, but doing so takes more time and resources with each technical leap forward, and there are only so many months in the development cycle. Hopefully Bond's next foray into the gaming world will deliver an authentic and compelling Bond experience, not just a decent but too-short shooter with some fancy window dressing.

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morganfell3629d ago

The game is designed by a 3rd grade idiot for a 3rd grade idiot. Just when we thought Bond games couldn't get any worse...they do. The COD4 engine is ugly here, everything is cartoonish (how do you screw that up), everything explodes (that's Bond, right? Alot of explosions? No?)

Worse the designers think all gamers are morons as they hand hold you through everything making it the most linear game since PDZ.

You can't move more than 50 feet without finding some bad guy's cell phone on the ground ringing telling you exactly what to do next. I love how once the phone next to a bad guy rang and rang. He didn't answer it. I kill him and pick up the phone. It was a message for the bad guys telling them I was coming.

And if Bill Tanner can see the box on the wall and tell me to tap into it so I can look through the surveillance cameras, why bother if I have him on the line. If he can use a satellite to see thru a building and locate that box he can damn well see a bad guy.

Worst fighting system ever. That butthead producer ought to have his mouth sewn shut, he should be kicked in the groin for 7 days straight, and thrown over the side of some boat in the middle of the ocean. If he never touches another game again it will still be too soon. He should shave off that ridiculous soul patch that looks more like a toupee for a mole and go flip burgers some place.

"You get to be Bond." Really you sack of crap? Not hardly. You get to be a cheesy imitation. He seems to forget that disco doo doo died with the Roger Moore series. I think you spent too much time playing Golden Eye Rogue Agent instead of Goldeneye and thinks that is Bond. What I wouldn't give to meet this guy and tell him what a complete ass he is for ruining another Bond game. Just 5 seconds to mash this money waster in the head. Damn Activision for giving this game to Treyarch.