"We'd Love to [Bring Trails of Cold Steel IV to the West]" — An Interview with NIS America

OnlySP had the opportunity to speak with Erin Kim, media relations at NIS America, about The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.

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tagzskie805d ago

Just hurry up! i heard rumors that the part 3 is just like part 1, super cliffhanger. I dont want to wait another 4 years for part 4.

Relientk77805d ago

So do it. I absolutely love 1 & 2, can't wait for 3 next month. it would make sense for 4 to come West and complete the story.

DarkZane805d ago

"We’d love to! But, we have no concrete plans right now!"

You have to be joking. You should have started on it at the same time as you started on 3 to release it in September-October 2020. At this point, they have to release it. If they don't, it's a seriously asshole move.

RpgSama805d ago

Yeah, don't make us spend 300 hours of play time between 3 games if you have no plans to let us finish the story, WTF

AnnaDea805d ago

aka, we are in the mercy of how well the 3rd part sells before they will decide if they wanna translate the final part in the Cold Steel saga?

Don't become the official Falcom translators for the west if you don't plan on releasing the games, ffs. First you release a really poor translation of YS VIII that you patched some months later with a newer and better translation. Now you are bringing in the 3rd part that everyone that is the fan of the series wants and you haven't even considered the final and 4th part to be released later on?

NIS America.

Xseed was really golden.

Don't you dare begin to co*kblock us from this series.

You will piss of some fans so hard that it will echo as long as you are a fully functioning company. Don't underestimate the power of fans.