Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Director Hopes Next-Gen Consoles Will Enable Huge Battle Simulations

While Omega Force is working on Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, its Director Tomohiko Sho has a grand vision for Warriors games during the next generation.

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SickSinceSix24d ago

I thought for sure this was a GamingBolt article

Abriael23d ago

There's a pretty large difference between the developers asked. We don't ask super-small indies who aren't likely to ever use the power of next get consoles.

shloobian23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Kingdom Under Fire as well as 99 nights did this forever ago while (for the time) looking pretty damn good graphically. They've been making these damn games as well as Dynasty Warriors forever and you'd think they'd be able to pull it off since all of their games look like absolute dog ass.

23d ago