Graphics Are No Longer The Sole Selling Point For A New Console

The next generation of consoles will not be sold solely on the basis of how much better the games look.

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28d ago Replies(5)
sushimama28d ago

They were NEVER the sole selling point GamingBolt you ridiculous fools

KillZallthebeast28d ago

It certainly helps, but exclusive games have always been the main draw.

Sephiroushin28d ago

I think the main draw for consoles is just that...consoles are closed system, no need to update this and that driver, try this or that to fix a game etc

KillZallthebeast28d ago

When competing with PC this is certainly a key factor, however when competing with other closed console systems exclusives still remain the top draw. My opinion at least.

BLizardXD28d ago

sushimama -"They were NEVER the sole selling point GamingBolt you ridiculous fools"

and that's why ray-tracing is coming to consoles. because it doesn't matter....

Tacobell32328d ago

@ Sephiroushin "I think the main draw for consoles is just that...consoles are closed system, no need to update this and that driver, try this or that to fix a game etc"

consoles still receive game patches and firmware updates though.

rainslacker28d ago

Games in general are the main draw. Doesn't matter where the game comes from, just that someone wants to play a specific one, or collection of specific games. Everything else may be a factor if people weigh options where they may exist. Having a strong first party means that chances are higher that someone will have more incentive to choose a system over the other, because that's the only place they can play it. But, it boils down to games in the end.

SkatterBrain28d ago

I Think I Spent More Time Playing Hotline Miami than Crysis 3 on ultra

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bishup2528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I actually do agree with GamingBolt though. because PC has over 1,000 exclusives and yet it's the ones with good graphics that are the ones listed as BIG exclusives. the fact of the matter is you could have a thousand exclusive titles, but are they the ones that interest you. graphics do sell, and it's the titles with big budgets that are listed as big exclusives. case in point.

Tech528d ago

"They were NEVER the sole selling point GamingBolt you ridiculous fools"

kinda disagree with that statement. at the beginning of every generation hardware is always listed as the selling reason to upgrade. and tech demos are usually the first content gamers see from the hardware. it's been that way for 30 years.

aconnellan28d ago

I dunno, sounds like you weren’t around for the PS4/Xbox One launch

Segata28d ago

It was for Xbox One X. That's all they touted it for.

AmUnRa27d ago

Its Pramath, what did you expect??

gangsta_red27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

How quickly people forget the 1080p/900p debacle.

Srhalo27d ago

Too bad Phil we play games not resolutions Spencer didn't learn the lesson, am I right?

gangsta_red27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

He did learn the lesson which is why the Xbox X came out. Am I right?

Srhalo27d ago

The point is hypocrisy. And I don't think he's learned the lesson.

But I'm sure the x did teach him one thing... that 4k won't sell an xbox.

gangsta_red27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Once again you have no point other than to keep some extremely tired argument going about how MS hurt you.

The real point here is how there is case of graphics and resolution when purchasing a console, especially in the past.

Time to grow up

Christopher27d ago

I think the reason people are saying this now is because the expectation is that both will be almost identical in technological capabilities with regards to performance and resolution. But, if one of them came out and didn't fully support 4k, that would be laughable and we definitely need to deride them for that failure.

Chevalier27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Pretty sure the $100 price difference was a bigger factor. It's a nice excuse to always go back to the graphics argument yet the Xbox One X hasn't changed much for Xbox sales has it? Did you conveniently forget the Switch absolutely destroying Xbox sales despite the 'graphics' being an issue? Pretty sure the 1st party and 3rd party exclusives are the reason why.

Also the graphics excuse you use makes no sense. Did you also forget PS1, PS2, Wii being the weakest in their generations?

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SegaGamer27d ago

Exactly. I personally thought the PS1 and PS2 had the worst graphics up against the consoles they were competing with, but they still dominated. Then you have the Wii that sold like crazy and was easily behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 when it came to graphics. Now we have the Switch which is really struggling in that area but is still selling really well.

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fonger0828d ago

I can’t ever remember a console doing well because it’s “sole” selling feature was graphics.

locomorales28d ago

Graphics are the result of newer technology. They allow not only more details but new ways to play. 3D games made Zelda OotT and Gran Turismo possible. This gen allowed The Witcher 3.

Powerful hardware extends The boundaries of play.

fonger0828d ago

I get it, it definitely can be an important if not an exciting feature for any console. But it’s never the sole reason for a purchase, especially when obviously games are the sole reason for a console, and for me at least price is typically important (at least at launch).

gangsta_red27d ago

You must have not have been around during the 16 bit era. That was pretty much the main selling point for consoles releasing during that time.

fonger0827d ago

I’ve been around since the Atari 2600 days, and while the Genesis had a different style of graphics than the SNES, it was still about which games on the system you preferred. Plus you had the TurboGrafx was from a processing standpoint more powerful... but not exactly a console that took the world by storm, along with the NEOGEO or 3DO.

gangsta_red27d ago

That's not true at all. While games was a factor it was still all about the graphics. And the 16 bit era definitely leaned more on graphics than processing power, especially from a marketing stand point.

When the Jaguar, 3DO and even Genesis relied on that premise of having better graphics than one another and especially the SNES

Genesis did have blast processing, but that was a joke and wasn't true at all and was also a marketing term used to sell the system.

fonger0827d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The Genesis factually had a better processor than the SNES, so the “speed” of gameplay action was very evident in their games. But the SNES had the FX chip which allowed for 3D-ish games like Starfox, MARIO Kart and others. So each system did something different graphically/gameplay wise but not necessarily better. I got the SNES because of Mario? Zelda, TMNT, UN Squadron and the list goes on, but owning one never stopped me from looking at the Genesis and wanting it for the games. So I think we’ll agree to disagree on this topic.

Immagaiden28d ago

When were they ever the sole point in buying a console

Segata28d ago

Xbox One X. I'm not saying this in a positive light either.

bluebenjamin27d ago

Yeah you gotta clarify on here you could had the whole mob after you

chiefJohn11727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

It was the point of buying PS4 pro and One X. Pro wasn't really worth it tho it was minor upgrade

lelo2play28d ago

But... there will be more pixels...

SaveFerris28d ago

But will they be 'the highest quality pixels that anybody has seen'?

Shiken27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

PS1 was weaker than the N64.

PS2 was the weakest console that gen.

Wii wasn't even HD and won. Even the PS3 beat 360 despite having worse multiplat performance and visuals.

PS4 had won due to MS falling on their head so hard and PS3 exclusive reputation.

Switch is selling hot because of portability and exclusives.


(not a reply lelo2play, just saying)