Miyamoto Asked Zelda Producer to Make MM-Style Zelda Game, Led to Link's Awakening's New Mode

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma tells us about how Link's Awakening's new mode came about.

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Snookies12326d ago

Booo! That sucks, just make Zelda Maker. Would be so much better than an offshoot game mode.

ilikestuff326d ago

Well that person really got themselves in a real pickle

Absonite326d ago

Oh shit yes I want a Zelda Maker.

SkatterBrain326d ago

isnt there already RPG Makers?

pietro1212325d ago

Not the same and Zelda isn't a rpg series

SkatterBrain326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Im Glad Little Big planet Pushed them to Up Theyre Game, wish Little big Planet Racing and Mod Nation Racers would have Pushed Mariokart to include an editor ,Wanna See Nintendos Answer to Ps Dreams

Kribwalker326d ago

what?? little big planet had nothing to do with this. They wanted a zelda game like Mario Maker not media molecule

TheRealTedCruz326d ago

You're either trolling, or highly delusional.

SkatterBrain325d ago

Mario Maker Came out AFTER little big planet game out

TheRealTedCruz325d ago (Edited 325d ago )


And was a response to the popularity of player created rom levels; as per Nintendo. It was interest and timing on their part.
Pretty sure it wouldn't have come a decade after LBPs original release; with the series, as a whole, being effectively retired, were they chasing after their market. I mean, you could even reverse this and claim LBP was the result of the popularity of user made levels for popular games, such as Mario. Is that the case? Who knows? I don't claim to.

GruntboxWizard326d ago

Before I read the article I was wondering how the hell a Majoras Mask style game turned into this