Batman Day: The five best Batman games ever released

App Trigger: "In celebration of Batman Day and 80 years of the world's best detective, here are the five best video games starring the Guardian of Gotham himself!"

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awdevoftw30d ago

Batman day. Wow. Our society is really going down the gutter.

30d ago
Lilrizky30d ago

without reading it more than half will be arkham games with at least two making the top 3 and 1 definitely taking the no. 1 spot lol

toxic-inferno29d ago

Only one Arkham game in the list actually - Arkham City at number 1.

And no mention of the Telltale series.

Lilrizky29d ago

damn, close!

thanks for clearing that up

stefan_77130d ago

Arkham Origins is the best imo

DxTrixterz30d ago

I really don't know why people hated it some much? Sure maybe it wasn't as good as Arkham City but by no means it was a bad game. I liked it a lot.

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