10 Best Must-Play Games on the Sega Genesis Mini

Twinfinite Writes: With the Sega Genesis Mini now out, we take a look at the 10 best games you'll want to play first on the plug-and-play console.

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Skywalker333761d ago

No mention to "World of Illusion"? probably one of the best children's platform games of the 16bit era, with 2 very different paths depending on the main character you chose and a completely different 3rd path if you played co-op.

Bigman4k760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

Being remastered wtf

ChrisW760d ago

I bought it, just like I did with NES and SNES Classic, with one thing in mind... To install more games on it!!!

ChrisW759d ago

Ummm... That's fine for you. But I personally owned many of the games that I plan on installing more games on to it... So it's not pirating the ROMs at all.

Bigman4k760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

If you was a fan of sega back in the day or still are then you should pick this up