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MotorStorm's Target Render "Pissed Us Off A Lot" Say Devs

Evolution Studios lead designer Nigel Kershaw and creative director Paul Hollywood, responsible for the recent MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for the PlayStation 3, tell 1UP that the "infamous" E3 2005 trailer for the first MotorStorm "kind of pissed us off a lot." Why? Well, for one thing, it wasn't created by them and set the team up for "expectations about the rendering prowess that we were going to expose."

Oh yeah. And it was created before the dev team had received official hardware specifications from Sony. Being told that they were "the worst [of Sony's first-party developers] in the world" by former Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head Phil Harrison probably didn't help.

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why the double link (via) !
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below: Rant & invalid (basic spelling lacking)
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So what their saying is that phil gave ema push n they dug it? Of course the title makes perfect sense then MotorStorm's Target Render "Pissed Us Off A Lot" Say Devs Says dev eh sigh no quotes in the article eh... wth how is this news
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i_like_ff75735d ago

Lol i wonder how pissed off guerilla were when sony handed them the target render...

Fishy Fingers5734d ago (Edited 5734d ago )

Probably not as pissed as all the people who constantly claimed GG would never live up to it.

Sarcasm5734d ago

lol Fishy good one.

These "target renders" are still good for something, because it's set such high expectations it only pushes the devs harder.

Foxgod5734d ago

Ive seen both the renders and in game gfx, and the game looks good, but if you claim that the in game gfx are anything close to the render, then your just ignorant.

The render was hollywood grade, and it takes about 20 PS3's and xbox360's stacked together to render those kind of gfx.

I am about to buy a new PC, an I7 Pentium (8 cores) with 6 gb DDR and a Geforce 280XT with 1 GB of DDR3 Video ram, and even that machine wont be able to render the gfx from the sony pre renders.

It was all propagenda for teh cell

Fishy Fingers5734d ago (Edited 5734d ago )

There's one now. "It was all propaganda for teh cell ", lol, no, I've played the beta and I have seen the E3 Trailer more times than I care to mention and as far as I'm concerned it does live up to the renders. Admittedly it doesn't match them perfectly, but does it live up to what we hoped for, yes, at least in my opinion.

I don't go on propaganda, but my own experiences.

Nice PC to, probably paying way over the odds to adopt at such an early stage though (when they're actually released). Id be interested to see your benchmarks when you get it running.

PoSTedUP5734d ago (Edited 5734d ago )

motorstorm2 came extremely close if not exactly like the CG teaser trailer ok. same thing with resistance2, ratchet and clank, killzone2, mgs4, uncharted, GT5p and its becoming more and more common in ps3 games that they meet CGI graphics.

btw you should see the in game pictures i took of motorstormPR and mgs4, they look photo realistic some of them. truly amazing games.

and i expect the first motorstorm on the ps4 to come close to those target renders, not exactly but somewhat close ya know, oh man i can only imagine...

thor5734d ago

The time it took to render the KZ2 target footage would probably have been 10 minutes per frame on a cluster of computers. But that's because you do everything inefficiently and add as many effects in as you can (like raytracing etc.) when you pre-render stuff. The AA would have been at 16x, the textures would have been very high quality, the character models would have been subsurfed loads and the particle effects would have used hundreds of thousands of particles.

That's not to say that they can't match that trailer in terms of aesthetics by _faking_ these effects. They can make do with fewer particles and use tricks to make it look good. They do away with raytracing but take ages setting up the shadow maps and shaders so that it looks almost the same. There's a reason that making a CG video takes a lot less time than making a game and that's because of all the techniques you need to use to render it in real time.

Your new PC could easily render something that looks as good as that trailer, if developers took years to create an engine for it and used all the tricks in the book to make it match that trailer.

Foxgod5734d ago

You indeed have a good point, but its still very unlikely that anything realtime will look close to as good as the cgi in the trailer for years to come.

SonyOwnsNextYear5734d ago

lol, i spent 5 k on a pc about 4 months ago.

same pc is now worth 1200 dollars.

LOL. so much for intelligence and value.

Kleptic5734d ago

I knew this article would bring up Killzone 2...

i'm with have no room to comment on anything related to Killzone 2 until you play beta for at least 10 minutes, then spend the rest of that hour picking your stupid jaw off the floor, and the bits of teeth that were shattered in the jaw/floor collision...

GG played that move smart...the target render has a totally different art direction than the actual game...the original target render was all ra ra war! was brighter, focused on what teammates where saying to you, and the animations associated with them...

the real game is different...its darker...grittier, and has much more focus on the lighting and 'immersion' of the foreign planet...while admittadly no game this generation will touch the facial animation put into place by that target render...Killzone 2 is still several steps ahead of every game to date in overall animation, particle effects, and especially lighting...the physics based hit response system creates death animations that are MORE realistic than what was shown in that target render...the in game lighting engine is much more intense in terms of HDR, bloom, and overall realism than that target render (the target render had an almost cartoony ambiance to it, which is no where to be found in the actual gameplay)...

the pre rendered target did do volumetrics and particle effects better without question...but that doesn't change the fact that killzone 2 has the absolute best particle effects in game of any other title to date...

I don't care what anyone says...the 'ignorance' you speak of foxgod is towards people making comments on how close to the target render it is while never having played the actual game...the fact that what I have been playing over 10 hours in the past 2 days is only gimped online code makes it quite obvious that the single player of this game will go on as easily the most impressive console game ever created...and most likely has little chance of being topped this generation by any system...

that is assuming the rumors God of War 3 being largely based on the Killzone 2 engine are untrue, however...

GIJeff5734d ago

ddr3 is soooooo old school. time to step up and get a 4870x2 if you want to make use of your fancy processor. :/

I_LOVE_MYSELF5733d ago

Sorry but the PS3 simply doesnt live up to them... At all

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rroded5735d ago (Edited 5735d ago )

Guess any negative news is good at kotaku especially if it relates to the ps3.

So what their saying is that phil gave ema push n they dug it? Of course the title makes perfect sense then
MotorStorm's Target Render "Pissed Us Off A Lot" Say Devs

Says dev eh sigh no quotes in the article eh... wth how is this news

mettalhead705735d ago

So Phil Harrison said they were the worst of Sony's first party studio's?
Wow that must have really pissed them off.

DJ5735d ago

What the developers actually state is quite a bit difference than Kotaku implies. Skip forward to 2:45.

ultimolu5734d ago

...So...they spun this piece of news?
Kotaku never fails to amuse me. They're full of sh*t.

InMyOpinion5734d ago

Seems like you have something in common then...

ultimolu5734d ago

....Oh really?
No, this sounds a lot more like you. :)

InMyOpinion5734d ago (Edited 5734d ago )

Doing things the Sony way.

InMyOpinion5734d ago

As opposed to not showing off rendered graphics as if it was in-game. Lying to the consumers seems to be part of their marketing manifesto.

PirateThom5734d ago

Like that Halo 3 teaser?

At least when it's Sony, they match the target renders.

MvmntInGrn5734d ago

Thank you Thom!