Modern Warfare PC Beta Files contains many references to Battle Royale

As users continue to get hands on with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Beta files, more leaks are emerging about hidden code and references found inside the beta for either unannounced items or even potential future content. That latest leak suggests that there is extensive references to a Battle Royale mode in the code.

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UltimateSanto29d ago

If this ends up being included in the game, i don't know what was BO4 excuse for dropping SinglePlayer Campaign.

gamesftw25029d ago

laziness and or being rushed by Activision.

Juusterey29d ago

An extra optional game mode to play?
Please no
If they include that I'll have to just play other game modes
Oh the horror

Welshy29d ago

My only concern would be that it might take focus away from polishing the base game or making the existing modes as good as they can be. Much like how they completely dropped the campaign in BLOPS4 in favour of BR.

If it's a free addition post-launch once they've made sure the base game is where it should be, then yeah sure, an extra game mode is fine by me.