How Rocksteady used fear and subverted expectations to deliver the perfect send-off in Arkham Knight

From VG247: "While the notion of putting Batman to bed might generate hilarious notions of Adam West’s caped crusader tucking in after a hard day’s crime-fighting, ending its critically acclaimed Arkham trilogy proved no laughing matter for developer Rocksteady.

Through its handling of the dark knight in Asylum and City, the studio had demonstrated not once, but twice that making a great superhero video game wasn’t impossible. From 2011 onwards, Rocksteady sought to repeat this success with the final game in the series: Batman: Arkham Knight."

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PhoenixUp24d ago

That game was too infested with Batmobile missions and underwhelming boss battles to be considered the perfect send off

TheKingKratos24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

It was amazing sequel but needed to tone down the batmobile missions and have more epic battles like arkham origins
And i still don't like that they let every one know who Batman is that he had to fake his death to become fear it self with the Bat creature at the end

FallenAngel198424d ago

Fear really was present in the game. I feared anytime the Batmobile would rear its forced self into the game.


Riddler; the real villain of Arkham Knight with his ridiculous amount of trophies..

awdevoftw24d ago

The only thing I'm having trouble with in the game is lack of direction. The typical open world immersion breaker.

Lexreborn224d ago

I may be in the minority but I loved Batman Arkham knight and the batmobile as well. Probably my favorite Batman game with Batman Returns being my second. I had so much fun with it

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The story is too old to be commented.