The More Death Stranding Confuses Me The More I Want It

Adam from WellPlayed writes: "I have no idea what I'm looking at but I need it"

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SolidGamerX30d ago

Complete opposite for me but hey different strokes I guess.

Blu3_Berry30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'm the opposite. Now that we know a general idea of this social link mechanic, think I will wait until I see what people think about it (and I'm not talking about review sites like IGN or Polygon either).

I dunno, from what we gotten in that 50 minute demo, I found myself bored to be quite honest from the gameplay perspective. I think this game will be well received critically and sell a crap ton of copies, but it may divided when it comes to user reviews.

AK9129d ago

It's not like that for me because I know when I play alot of things will make sense but sometimes I like to be kept in the dark and not fully grasp the entire story.